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    I can only speak of one person's technique I used to train with... When he threw a leg kick, he would actually push off their body after the energy expended in order to get back into his stance. This also served to destabilize his opponent from a follow-up shot. There of course are some potential problems with this but the guy did become quite successful under Walt Mason's (R.I.P.) kickboxing circuit.

    Here is a little trick you may want to try but it requires a flexible hip. I always hated having to do a powerful leg kick from the rear, plus it is hard to deliver a solid punch quickly after you throw one. Sooo, I changed up this little _ing _chun twist kick to handle lead side leg kicks. It is like a blend between an outside/inside crescent kick and a snap kick that is turned on its side. When throw with good hip movement, it hacks into their leg and destabilizes the opponent. Directly after the kick is thrown, your body is completely squared and capable of a full-power punch by thrusting the kicking leg behind you (Think of a trebuchet). Once you get this down, it almost becomes too easy to hit someone.
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