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    The Stupid Arm Trick

    This is a method of CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED developed by my teacher Jeff Clark which he dubbed “the stupid arm trick”

    Start from side control, with one arm over their shoulder and the other under their waist.

    This is a setup to attack the arm that is closest to your head. The main pre-requisite is that the arm you attack be near their waist, not on the other side of your head.

    With the arm that is hooked over their shoulder, Scoop your hand underneath their arm and take the hand from underneath their waist and clasp your hands together right below their forearm. The clasp you use should have their arm is held tight between your wrist and bicep. Using your elbow pressuring on their stomach, begin to crank their arm out of posture. Shuffle over their head transitioning towards north-south, changing your clasp so that their arm is trapped between your forearms, and driving your shoulder into their forearm to straighten their arm. If their stupid, you can lock their arm out, but they will most likely pivot it in towards their body to defend, as soon as they do this release your hand-clasp to go to the next step.

    What you are going to do is rise up somewhat while straightening your arms out into an X. Your bottom arm will shoot beneath their elbow then across their chest, place your top arm will go against their wrist/forearm then across their back.

    As you continue to transition your body around towards the other side of your head, it the leverage of your hands on their body will scissor this X straightening their arm out. Now their arm is pretty much fully extended, you can submit them by once again driving your chest forward into their arm, or you continue to circle past from North-South to their other side, throwing your leg over their face and drop back into a arm bar. Like a the spinning arm bar from knee on stomach, one foot will be left under their armpit rather than across the body, but this is superior in that their arm is already nearly fully extended when you get there. So you don’t have to fight their grip, and they won’t have time to roll out.
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