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    "Royal Dragon" Who Is He???

    Does anybody know anything about one "Royal Dragon" who claims to be a Tai Zhu stylist???

    Who is he, who was his instructors?

    He posted this on the Cyber Kwoon forum but all it does is raise more questions:

    Simple, I research and practice my art. Some I learned by video (mostly just some form choreography, not much else really), some by live instruction (body structure, mechanics good basics and application/sparring). The system I do now is compiled from about 16 years of research, and is unique to me, but based in Tai Tzu. I have aspects of my Shaolin system mixed in there in the form of curriculem for building basics, and conditioning.

    There is no lineage I can site, just as much testing as i can and surrounding myself with as much talent as much as possible, whenever possible.

    My skills are my own, and no one else's.

    I have a good eye though, and I have a nack for cutting through BS such as people who are more concerned with or tout a lot of rank and lineage, but apparently can't manage simple beginner level fundementals, like standing in a stance right.

    My southern Tai Tzu consist of

    1. SanZhen
    2. Four Doors
    3. Cutting Slice
    4. Three gates
    5. Eight gates
    6. Yi Lu

    There are also some twoman drills, and various condititoning methods (Modern and traditional).

    My Northern Tai Tzu Consist of

    1. Basic training is form Shaolin and centered around the form Wu Bu Chuan and Kuang Yun Chuang
    2. The Shaolin Tai Tzu Chang Chuan (I know both general public, and a closed door version)
    3.A Taiwan version of Tai Tzu Long Fist (plugs right in with the first set, I do it as a second road)
    4. 3rd road of Tai Tzu Chuan
    5. 4t Road Tai Tzu Chaun
    6. 5th road Tai Tzu Chuan
    7. 6th road Tai Tzu Chuan
    8. 8th Road Tai Tzu Chuan
    9. Working on Nine

    I also do the Taiji Ruler as corrected by an internal exponent (also who taught me proper structure and mechanics, of which I am ever perfecting)

    I know the Chao family Taiji system up to the 37 move form (again, corrected by a very knowledgeable internal exponent.)

    I have played with several Southern Tai Jow Cheun Kune Pai sets learned from video (with plans to eventually have personal corrections in time).

    I have done, but really don't keep up about 6 Northern Tai Tzu Hong Chuan sets including Xiao and Da Tai Tzu Hong Chuan as well as Tai Tzu Pao Choui and the Tai Tzu Yi Lu Hong Chuan

    In the last few years I have done mostly Qi Gong and i was recovering form a back injury, and i settled on just a few basic things to practice figuring a few razor sharp swords are better than a lot of dull ones.

    Those being Wu Bu Chuan, the first two Northern roads of my Tai Tzu, and Taij Ruler and a few other basic drills.

    I also know a versions of Choy lay fut's 18 Louhan hands, and Shaolin Xi Xi Xue Jing and Yi jin jing, as well as 8 peices of silk brocade, but I don't really keep them sharp right now.

    Lately I have been making more of an effort to get a lot of twoman work as my back is fully healed, and it's time to get to buisness again.

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    looks like he studied alot of **** for only 16 years, it takes at least 16 years to master one CMA style.

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    I seen him on various CMA sites but don't really know much about him.
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    Yeah. He now makes the following claim:

    My Tai Tzu comes from various sources, most of which are seniors under masters who did not have permision to teach from CLOSED door systems, so I cannot openly discuss it, and I cannot openly teach what I know.

    When I do teach, i teach forms that "I" comined from several lines to get around the rules without offending anyone. I was given permission to teach my own versions of the sets I teach. In many instances I found my sets to be superior as each line would alter, or "Mark" each set as it was taught to me (not to get off the subject, but a VERY common practice in comercial vids btw). By comparing the same set from 3 or more lines I was able to find the marks, and correct them. Each line I worked with did not know of the others, or had any communication with them, so each version was marked differently.

    By doing this, I probably have a more authentic version of the sets than was intended I am sure.

    As my research allways continues, I seek to study the art from many sources. I am planing a trip to NY next year to meet someone who has my first set, will teach me thier version, and allow ME to teach afterwards, and who knows I may be able to do something with another lineage in the US as well. There is a Southern line of the Long Fist here too, and I have one of it's seniors as my freind as well.
    Sounds like he's being evasive and my feeling is he is a "video master". I'd really welcome the input of others who may know of him as he refuses to answer staright up questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HwangJangLee
    it takes at least 16 years to master one CMA style.
    oh man, Omar is going to whup you for this.

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    Actually, I know RD. He has never claimed to be a master. He is very honest about where he started and with whom and about his research. He only teaches what he has permission to teach. He started with Ed Livingston and has been researching TZCC for many years. TZCC is a tree with many branches, it is not just one style.

    I don't know why this is a problem?

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    The problem is that he won't answer questions about himself stating that he learnt from some "Closed Door" Master's only. He also comes off in e-mail communications as knowing all about all styles including White Crane in which he has never trained in.

    He belittles Chinese Masters without knowing anything of their lineage and or ethics. He states:

    The Chinese are well known for teaching Gui Low's WRONG. They often give praise and take the $$, but never impart the actual lessons.
    How does he know. How many Chinese Masters has he actually trained with in China? Such a broad unqualified statement shows a hubris character full of his own self importance, to full to be open to anything but his own views.

    His spelling and use of grammar is atrocious for one who acts as if he is so knowledgeable.

    My questions to him are simple:

    1/. What is his real name?

    2/. Who was his teacher?

    3/. How did he learn. Was it via video correspondence as I am led to believe?

    You state his teacher was one Edgar Livingston. Is this the same "Grandmaster" Edgar Livingston? Perhaps you'd care to answer the questions above? Have you actually met and trained with "Royal Dragon"

    All I want is some simple straight forward answers to these questions.
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    Like I said on Empty flower, evryone already knows my history. I have been a member of all the major forums for years now.

    The only thing you are doing here is making a complete fool out of yourself. Please stop, it's really pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royal Dragon
    Like I said on Empty flower, evryone already knows my history. I have been a member of all the major forums for years now.

    The only thing you are doing here is making a complete fool out of yourself. Please stop, it's really pathetic.
    Could you answer his questions on this site for those of us not on the Empty Flower site? Also is the Ed Livingston that you are/were under from Maryland? Are you still under this instructor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Royal Dragon
    Like I said on Empty flower, evryone already knows my history. I have been a member of all the major forums for years now.

    The only thing you are doing here is making a complete fool out of yourself. Please stop, it's really pathetic.
    I was just going to say, he's been registered over here since the days.

    Thanks for participating RD.

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