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Thread: SLT Wing Chun

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    I would never do it that long in CLASS!!! We just do it for a warm up in class, no more then 10 minutes on the 2 forms. I did do it one time for an hour to sober up when I was drunk. Worked pretty good, but then I couldn't go to slep either!!

    Another WT saying is to do it 5 times when you wake up and 5 times when you go to bed. It is easy to do it as a charge up at the beginning of the day, but to learn to do it to relax before you go to sleep is something that takes some work.(Now this could not be the 45 minute version...or your whole day would be doing forms!!)

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    If you are going to arse around doing forms, you might aswell do them properly.

    Spend some time on them, at least 20 mins, do them slowly, accurately, relaxedly.

    Otherwise you are just waving your fucking arms around in the air like a buffoon.
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