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Thread: Dirty Boxing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey Badger
    Thanks. He also showed some slick counter "dirty-dirty" stuff that I need to dig out and practice, so I'll keep searching for those notes. Having a not-quite-two year-old at home doesn't help my organization!!
    I feel for you. I babysit my 2.5 yr old nephew and 6 yr old niece and they are more than enough to wear me out. But if you can find your notes, post them.

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    Swith from orthodox to south paw in the middle of a 1-2 combo.
    Quickly jab out to the right as you normally would.
    Usually you would be trying to get outside their left (lead) foot, but since it's there,
    step right on it and throw a 1-2.

    Because your switching up and throwing it's easy to make it look accidental.
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