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    ok, so for the most part I've done my own modified version of the Warrior diet. believe it or not, I've lost 8 lbs since the begining of this thread!

    I pretty much do the eat one meal a day thing, except that I do not eat it exclusively at night, I do it whenever I am too hungry to think about anything else.

    I have the one meal, I usually broke around 6 or 7pm. the only problem was that I ate an extra meal every time I went out with my girlfriend. (she's a pocket-asian wich means she can eat whatever she wants and still stay small enough to fit into your pocket)

    anyway, I found myself appreciating every bite of my food, instead of just grabbing and eating what was there.

    also, on the hunger subject... for the most part I actually did feel pretty good walking around with the hunger feeling. HOWEVER, I also experienced what ANTHONY felt. I grappled friend of mine that is extremely explosive on the ground. I found myself getting tired more easily, and it didn't exactly feel like I was "hunting" my friend.

    I DID however got that desperate feeling you get when your losing control of the match, and that got me to screw myself up by letting red-neck explosions get the best of me as I decided to "conserve" my energy.

    I also noticed that I was able to last longer without food when I started my day late. On the days that I had a chance to sleep in, felt almost no hunger at all until around 8pm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by potor_parkor
    I think it sort of makes sense. During the day, you are bashing people, so you eat late at night to prepare your body for the next day. I eat a lot at night and not much during the day, but I don't find it makes any difference when I eat to be honest. To known better have a look at you will get detailed information on dieting. I have a cast iron gut and a ridiculous metabolism, so I never get fat and don't get stomach problems.
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    alright, so an update for anyone else that is still looking up this thread.


    my appetite is gone. seriously, this aint a whole lot of fun anymore when all I ever FEEL like eating is once a day.

    I think I screwed my metabolic rate by not eating so much now. I have lost aprox. 14 pounds, and I feel every pound of what I don't have on the mat.

    I don't enjoy the food I get to eat anymore simply becuase I have little to no appetite now. loving the weight-loss, hating the low energy and lower mandate I know have in my Jiu Jitsu.

    it feels like my opps are imposing they're game on me a lot faster than before....

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    just broke the diet. I downed a 52oz energy drink, and 2 muchacos from Taco Bueno. I'm farting like no other, and life is good.

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    I don't have to worry about nutrition, I may be old but I have the body of a 20 year old. I keep it in the freezer and occasionally take it out to play with

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    As I mentioned in my training log, I've been on The Warrior Diet since March 25th and I've dropped 15 pounds. I feel good and while I lack energy in practice, it's clearly a conditioning issue and not a matter of not enough food during the day.

    I've had days on the weekends where I've eaten meals during the day, due to family events, and I don't think those days did much in the way of negative effects. I also haven't been too strict about some of the rules. For instance, I don't have a salad before my meal (I hate lettuce) and I tend to have around 3 sugary desserts a week.

    One interesting note, I can finally eat a full meal at a restaurant and then dessert afterwards without feeling overly stuffed.

    Overall, I'd definitely give this diet a thumbs up. In fact, I could honestly see myself eating like this for the rest of my life because it doesn't really seem like I'm on a diet. I believe that part of the reason why this is true is because supper is the only meal that I really have the opportunity to concentrate on anyway.

    I have to leave for work by seven, so breakfast was hurried in the past. I was at work for lunch, so that had to be packed (or bought, which isn't good for the budget). Supper is the meal where myself or the wife can put some effort into it and then take the time to enjoy it. I've done the 5-6 meals in the past as well and it was a pain to coordinate. It's so much simpler now, in the morning I drink a glass of water when I get up, throw some baby carrots and a larger fruit (like a banana or apple) in my work cooler, and grab a cup or two of coffee at work.

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    Hi guys.

    Just thought I would give my own personal perspective on The Warrior Diet.

    I have been doing it for three years now and when I say 'doing it', I mean almost to the letter. I might have had off-days or off-weeks but essentially, for the last three years, I have been undereating/fasting in the day and compensating in the evening.

    The reason I emphasize this point is simply because to be fair, when most people say they are doing a diet/nutrition plan etc, a lot of the time they are not really sticking to it. So, when I say that I have followed it almost to the letter, it's not to flatter myself but rather the diet - ie. the results have come purely from The Warrior Diet. This much really is undeniable.

    And so here goes: the results have been phenomenal. It has totally changed/saved my life. I am a new person, barely recognizable to friends and family in terms of physical appearance and yes, mental outlook. Without wanting to sound like a guest on Ophra, I'm the kind of person who should be sending in a testimonial to Ori's website. Here are some of the stats:

    May 2004 - I weighed 204lbs/92kg

    Aug 2004 - I weighed 193lbs/87kg

    I stayed at that weight for quite a while until I made the next big leap:

    Nov 2006 - I weighed 178lbs/81kg

    Feb 2007 - 1 weighed 156lbs/70kg

    To date, I am now 152lbs/68kg

    I am a muay-thai/boxing fan. For the first time in 10 years, I am now back to being in the welter/superwelter weight division. It is almost impossible to describe how good that feels.
    Next month I am supposed to be taking part in a 'white-collar' boxing bout. As a natural welter/superwelter weight, not fighting as a heavyweight just because I never got in shape. Like I said, the weight loss/the warrior diet has become perhaps one of the key, defining aspects of my life...

    Even as a Warrior Diet fan/follower, I will admit that a lot of Ori's ideas are 'romantic' in nature. Essentially, they appeal to some key romantic notions/concepts. I wouldn't say that they are completely lacking in nutritional/scientif proof - no way, not at all - but a lot of nutritional experts have said that it's more the way he goes from 'premise a' to 'conclusion b' that is questionable. But quiet honestly, I have yet to come across any nutritional experts who rubbish it outright...

    As for me, my energy levels are sky-high, I train boxing/muay-thai a lot, and I also do lots of strength-training and cardio. Nothing has suffered, everything has improved.

    It is almost impossible for me to imagine going back to normal, 'conventional' eating. Having said that, now that I have lost the weight, I would consider trying out - for the first time in my life - the standard 'athlete' eating plan, ie the whole six meals a day thing. I say this because now that I am actually bordering on athletic (!) I would like to see what effect it has on my sports peformance.

    But whatever happens from now, it was The Warrior Diet which got me here - 12% body fat as of last week - and I hope that this is motivational to anyone following it or thinking about it.

    Well that's it. Testimonial over.
    Now it's time for the brotherman hugs...

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