I answered fitness, but there's also the fun factor, meeting people, and challenging oneself. Self-defense comes pretty low for me, don't really care about it that much. I don't live in a dangerous area, don't tend to look for trouble, and I usually try and simply avoid situations where I might put myself or friends, etc. in danger. After 4 years of judo, I decided to start WTF style TKD... lol I know, I know, not the best for 'fighting', but the classes are fun, people laid back (not in the lazy sense, but in the "I'm not an ass-hole" sense), and to me right now is what counts. If I don't like it, then I tend to just quit... so enjoying it is key. Judo was starting to get boring. Even though I believe I did pretty good in judo, after a while, getting thrown around got annoying, and I had no fun in the ground game. I liked the full intent randori, but I needed something new (although I haven't discounted the possibility of coming back to it in the future). TKD looked impressive (visually speaking lol), and although I knew very well that other ma's would be much better for actual fighting, I also wanted to try TKD. Felt like kicking boards and being able to get flexible. I **** you not, this is my goal. Lose 30 lbs, and break boards jumping. I'm not kidding myself about my fighting abilities and the priority is getting and staying in shape, and having fun doing it. Things change with time, and quite possibly my motivations will change again in the next 5 years. And who knows, maybe a combination of my judo and TKD knowledge will make me d3adly? lol I believe I also have a Stephen Hayes book in a box somewhere! Look out UFC!!!!!