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    In Leung Ting's bio at


    he makes this crazy azz claim about being awarded a PhD in the US for spreading the Wing Tsun godspell. I've repeatedly e-mailed his headquarters in Hong Kong for the details and have gotten no reply. I emailed his North American PR person and also got no reply.

    Anyone out there know any details? Would it be ethical to show up at one of his seminars and challenge him to a diploma duel by slapping him across the face with my sheep skin? (I don't meet the one in the little package in my wallet)

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    Honestly, I have no idea about where, when, or if he was awarded a PhD. However, honoraries are not that uncommon. All you need to do is to be somewhat famous, sponsor an event that gets the school some money, and/or slip the institution a contribution.

    He did recieve a certificate as a "Guest Professor of Arts of Combat" at some academy in Bulgaria.

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    Like Sheol says, honorary degrees aren't uncommon.


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