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    On interval training your cardio, if I were personally worried about it, I would probably work my round times with a skipping rope ....... I'm not really sure how you fight or at what intensity you think you're needing, but for muay thai for example where it's all about the huge finish - I'd probably do my 1 minute rounds x 5 - 7 going maybe 30 seconds medium pace - 30 secs flat out - 30 secs to a minute low medium pace to recover a little - followed by another longer sprint for a minute - then drop back to mid pace - quick sprint - low pace rest - quick burst and so on....

    whenever I reeeally want to pick up cardio in a hurry on what I'm already doing ... this is something that always produces results quickly and effectively and that you can knock out seshes of in relatively little time.

    Again with the energy - it's a long time over the course of your grading test and being used to fairly long intense regular seshes myself, I normally like to maybe make sure I get a good serve of protein and small serve of dry or sticky carb with a hot fluid ( activating the fibre I did the night before ) in the morning an hour or so before I start - move my bowels , then after my first hour to 2 1/2 of work do a vit b/c and guarana supplement ... the effervescent ones are waay more bio-available and easier to deal with ... maybe even a piece of fruit to snack just for the bonus sugar and nerve stabilsation boost ..... not sure what art you're doing but with some you don't even have the opportunity to leave the mat at all .... if you can swing the break though the glycogen is definately going to be appreciated by body and the guarana is definately imo an edge worth exploring aswell. if you're toey about anysuggestions you get, try it on before hand .. test day is 'not' the time to experiment !!

    good luck with it anyway - hope it helps

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    all I know is that I had a three hour brown belt grading this past Sunday and I was exhausted. Like, completely worn out. I don't know the time frame for your own grading but personally I would focus on cardio. All of the appropriate suggestions have been made regarding types of foods for fuel and types of cardio training so I won't add any unnecessary noise exept to say Magnesium is great for muscle recovery and I would reccomend taking Arnica every four hours after your grading. I did this and feel great today, not perfect but great considering.

    Good Luck!!


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    If you're doing several high intensity workouts during the week, you should be increasing your carbohydrate intake to compensate.

    I'd go for 65% carbs, 20% protein, and 15% fats.

    Also, don't forget to be hydrated for the test and stay hydrated (a mouthful every 20 minutes or so should do it) and it helps if you have a serving of carbs about an hour before the test to top off your energy level (a slice of bread should do it, not a 3 course plate of pasta.)

    And don't forget to kiai when you bridge or shrimp, the judges eat that **** up.

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