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    For those folks who don't have real media, you can view the video at

    Interesting how the instructor and his students were so convinced that they were being zapped (unlike the JJ students and the reporter) that the paramedics' instruments registered flucutations.

    I wonder if the instruments would have registered something similar to what the body goes through when hit/shoved/punched and they were pretty much convincing themselves and their bodies to react in the same way they had when they received physical harm.

    Edit: Just to clarify, this is a link to the video oddlifter posted, not the National Geographic/History Channel footage alluded to at the start of this thread.
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    Is this the guy who learned martial arts to defend himself because he grew up in a "tough south side neighbourhood", but for some reason he sounds more upper-class than the queen*?

    *Or her U.S. equivalent at any rate...

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