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    A couple of strange things that I've been taught...

    Hello! This is my first post ever, and I'm sorry if my english isn't that good.

    Anyway, we were once shown to block a hook by raising our other arm (still bended, of course), leaving your ribs wide open for attacks. This seems a bit stupid, or is it?

    The other thing that puzzles me is that the same coach that showed that block (and who happens to be a bouncer, too) says that the basic stance should form the letter "L". This makes sense, but there's other one who says that the both feet should be straight, reducing your balance and the power of crosses by having your hip forwards. He says that having the legs in the L-shape slows you down when your moving sideways. The latter one doesn't seem a very bright idea, don't you agree? I'd like to hear your opinion, guys.

    No, I'm not training in a McDojo, even if you might think like that. :lol:

    Happy new year!

    EDIT: Since I don't know how to add pictures, I'll try to say it more clearly. Imagine yourself in the basic boxing stance. Your opponent throws a hook, and you lift your arm in the same position as if you're trying to stretch your triceps. The arm is still in the same position, it's only been lift so that the elbow points to the ceiling.

    About the stances, the "L" is about having your other foot pointing towards your opponent and the other sideways (the basic boxing stance :5slick:). The latter was about having both feet forwards.
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    Hmm. I think that this thread is useless with pictures. Even if you can go into MS Paint and just make a little diagram it would help. I'm not really sure what you're asking. I understand the language barrier is a tough thing to deal with. Pictures will help establish what you're trying to say without need for language. Good luck.

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    I think he means something like this:

    Except the elbow would be raised about eye level. The "crook" of the arm would absorb most of the shock, and this type of "block" is more like a quick, one sided "cover".

    Sure, this is a decent way to absorb a hook to the head...so long as you're moving with it. A better way to negate a powerful hook punch is to "Bob and Weave".

    Blocking, covering, etc... all take a lot of momentum out your forward movement and can keep you from counter attacking.

    Rather than worry about blocking, work on bobbing and weaving to completely dodge the hook while throwing a body hook or uppercut. Ducking a hook, weaving to the side with a body hook followed by a head hook with the other arm is a pretty powerful and quick combo.


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