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Thread: Judo Or Bjj?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PirateJon
    Update cause I know you care:

    I talked with the head of the Citadel wrestling program. Real nice guy, very helpful. Turns out the camps are for kids, but there's a wrestling club that anyone can join. But there's a problem. with me at 6'4", 300lbs I'd have almost 6 inches and over 100lbs on the next biggest guy which is a pretty big deal. Coach said "yeah, you could come in, but you won't really get what you want out of it since there's no one to match your size. "

    But my mma dreams have come true.

    friday I'm having lunch with my bosses and cow-workers when I see this guy walk in to the restaurant. He's maybe 5'5", is stocky and ripped, has blond spikes in his hair, has tribal tats on each arm, *AND* has a goatee. fucker couldn't look more like a fighter if he was wearing gloves. I walked over to him and say "$5 says you do martial arts. so where do you train?".

    Turns out he used to train at the BJJ place - good place, learned some ****. But the best part - dude is like "hey - you need to check out the world gym in goose creek. They're getting a muay-thai teacher next month and they're going to start offering MMA classes".

    So I'm going by tonight to check it out.

    I really need to write something up about local training options cause this **** is bananas.
    **** you . You lucky son of a bitch .

    I mean .. Congrats and good luck ! Start a training log so I read about your good fortune .
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackFistMonkey
    **** you . You lucky son of a bitch .

    I mean .. Congrats and good luck ! Start a training log so I read about your good fortune .
    I'll start a log. Unless I have to gong-sau his ass to defend my village or something this will be one of my new teachers.

    Not quite chutebox, but still bad-assed.
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