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    Quote Originally Posted by postgrep
    I really want to, but my parents said that taking 2 classes a week of WC would be enough. Maybe I can drop one of the 2 sessions of WC and take BJJ on that night.

    I'll see how it goes.

    I really like the look of BJJ stuff too.
    How old are you if I may ask? If you body is telling you that 2 classes of WC is not enough, then it's not enough.

    Also, and this is my humble opinion as a BJJ n00b, going into a BJJ class without a certain level of fitness is pretty much quite a challenge. It can even be frustrating. When someone is pushing your legs up to your head while trying to pass your guard and put you in side control, you better have some decent flexibility and core strenght. Otherwise, it's a bitch to do... and it will increase your chances of getting an injury.

    If your goal is to get in shape, going to a BJJ class is not what I would recommend. Will it get you in shape? Yes, painfully. Is that the best course if you primary goal is to get in shape? No.

    My suggestion is just to stay at the WC if you like it for what it is. And in the meantime, learn how to work out at home and at a gym. Being fit for life is not just to stick to one single thing only (be it weightlifting or yoga or martial arts), and make it the sole source of fitness in your life. You want to be well-rounded.

    My suggestion for you is to first, learn to work out, get accostumed to do pushups, learn how to do squats, jump the rope, be able to run a little, change your diet, and strive to improve your flexibility. Do that for 2 or 3 months DILIGENTLY, and then you can try a really demanding martial art.

    You do that, and I think it will be a much more mentally rewarding and less frustrating experience. And even if you later decide to breath BJJ every day, still give yourself room for other physical activities. Variety makes life interesting...

    ... just my humble opinion... :occasion5
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    I think that even if you are very out of shape, you can still go light with the BJJ and make progress without kiling yourself. If you are out of shape or not flexible, just tell the person you are paired up with not to go as hard. There shouldn't be a problem.

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    These links have been INVALUABLE to me.

    Pick your poison and go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by postgrep
    Hence my wanting to train outside Wing Chun. I know that Wing Chun is pretty much useless for muscle and strength building.
    So is BJJ for muscle strength building, BJJ is amazing for cardio but on the muscle building level, the MA is more technique based then strength based. I would highly recommend BJJ too though because with WC you will get the close range fighting and with BJJ you will get the grappling and it will improve your cardio on a different level.

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    I wouldn't worry about getting into specifics or specific exercises. Over time you will find what is right for you. Some people will tell you this is the best way, others will tell you that is the best way, blah.blah. the diet and exercise business is full of terrible contradictions..

    The most important thing, as elnyka said is to "develop a mental discipline".

    You won't get very far until you develop the strength of mind to be able to refuse the bad diet and change the bad habits that made you out of shape in the first place.

    It takes a lot of willpower and won't be easy, but stick with in and learn to take pride in every piece of exercise you take and be proud of yourself every time you have your healthy meal or snack.

    Losing weight is simple, as any health professional will tell you - all you need to do is burn more calories than you take in, the hard part is actually making yourself do this. Good luck. The younger you are the easier it is...

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