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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgar
    Dave showed us this move and just called it a flying arm bar. I guess the subjectiveness of flying depends on the acrobatic skills of the person performing this move. I tried this move without fully understanding what went into it, and landed squarely on my back. Ouch. But now that I understand it better (not because of this thread), I want to give it another try.
    The key with any "flying armbar" is kuzushi and timing. People don't seem to think kuzushi is important with flying arm bars, but it's extremely important.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nutcracker
    Sadly enough, I'm in Logan Utah, until that day that I can afford to have a life in Hawaii. I'll be on O'ahu in January and working out with Meex, Universal Kempo and Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute (and this time I'll wear white instead of black!) But most of the time I'm here in the Land of Zion (Amerikan Mormon Style). There are ten thousand good schools in Hawaii... But here in Utah we are in the Wilderness. Best we can do is to get a seminar going from Elite (Horn's gym in SLC), or pay Pedro Sauer (6th bb BJJ) to come up North ($$$$).
    I see. I was a bit confused about that. I assumed you were from Logan but now live in Hawaii.

    Judo Contacts shows 4 judo dojos in Utah. 2 in Salt lake City, 1 in Ogden and 1 in Provo. I've never heard of any of them though.

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    the only times this has worked for me in training is as a counter to a osoto-gari

    every other time i have tried this move, i get stacked between at pic 3 and 4, this is a desperation move of mine, when i dont feel i can throw someone normally.

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