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    Quote Originally Posted by Kempo Army
    whats to say that this wont happen in BJJ
    This has been answered several times already. There is quality control in place. I am sure the will be BJJ McDojos but they will be very easy to spot because a 1 yr BB would either be a prodigy or slaughtered on the mat. BJJ is a PERFORMANCE based art where you don't progress unless you can actually hold your own against others on your level or higher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kempo Army
    Oh and one more thing. Traditional Karate was once controlled with the belt system. Now In Australia they have things like Go Kan Ryu. The martial arts that doorknock to get membership.
    Tae Kwan Do once controlled in belts system. Now 3 years study handed over black belt. what makes you think BJJ isnt gonna be next?
    Kempo Army, whereabouts in Oz are you?

    If you're around any of the capital cities, and some of the larger regional ones, there are schools who can give you a demonstration of exactly why the BJJ rank system will not be watered down to that extent. We have a strong competition scene within the country providing checks and balances against the degeneration of skill required at any given belt level.

    If you're in Melbourne, hell, come on down to the academy I train at and try it out. The sheer thought of a 3-year BJJ black belt within Australia is ludicrous at this point, especially to myself, still holding a blue belt after nearly four years of training. Black belt seems kind of far away at this point...

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