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    Lawdog's right - it's much to complicated for a simple answer.

    But, an attempt at a simple answer would start with - what level to you want to compete at?

    If you don't intend to compete, on a regular basis at a high level, then train as much as you enjoy.

    If you want to train at a higher level, then I don't think you want to do full body weight training sessions mixed with BJJ - you should focus on general strength training for off-season and basic cardio (with little BJJ sparring), and sport-specific resistance-based endurance and little endurance or strenght training in season - but that's a simple view of seasonal training.

    Periodization is important for optimal performance.

    And an elite level (or even the just a serious amateur level)- there's a pamphlet, "The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes", that goes into more details of training. You can order it here: - for the price it's a pretty good resource on training methods. There is a section on the different types of weight training to mix in with judo training, including exercise types, sets and reps within the different phases of strength development, power maintenance and muscular endurance.

    You might also check out Dan Gable's book - .
    Good stuff on periodization for competitive athletes, as I remember.

    But again, it's really a question of what level you intend to compete at. If you're not serious about competition, you don't need to play it close to over-training.

    The Sport Science pamphlet does go into some detail on how to balance strength vs. conditioning, which is a more precise way to say "weight training vs. cardio".
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