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    Christmas Shopping Online? Shop At Amazon and Help Support the Site!

    Those of you who are compulsive "New Posts" checkers already know about the link panel above the forums. But for those of you who haven't noticed it, it includes links to Amazon.com and Ebay, through which you can do your online Christmas shopping at their regularly discounted prices while they give Bullshido a small kickback for each purchase.

    So for those of you who were going to purchase stuff online anyway, do it through the links above and help us pay for the ever-rising costs of bandwidth!

    For those of you who need a roadmap:

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    Egg Nog shops through Bullshido, so should you!

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    Black Belt Dog says "Roof, do your Christmas shopping online through Bullshido!"

    (Don't wory, only shamelessly bumping this for today.)


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