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    Hayastan Grappling Tourney 1-21-06 in KY

    Hayastan Grappling Challenge
    1-21-06 in Lexington KY
    website: http://www.hayastangrapplingchallenge.com/

    This is a double elimination no-gi tournament for all types of grapplers. It is pretty cheap at $35 pre-registration price. The kicker for this tournament (for me at least since i've only done bjj rules) is the ruleset:

    UNIFORM: Optional (Gi/ Draw String Shorts/ T-shirt/ Rashguard/No T-shirt/ Wrestling shoes/ etc)
    Note- The only clothes allowed to grab is a GI (top or bottom).

    ROUNDS: One, 3 minute round with no points.
    One 2 minute overtime round with points, if needed.
    One Sudden Death round if needed (1st takedown wins).

    STYLE: Double elimination

    WIN BY: -Submission, Points (in overtime round), or Disqualification (2 Fouls or Referee's discretion)

    POINTS: (for overtime round only)
    -Takedown: 1 or 2 depending...
    (2 if the takedown takes the match from standing directly to a position of advantage on the ground. 1 if the takedown takes the match from standing a neutral position)
    -Gaining a position of advantage: 1
    (Gaining top mount, side mount, headward hold down, or the back)
    -Escaping a position of advantage: 1
    (Going from a disadvantaged position to a neutral position)
    -Reversal of position: 2
    (Going directly from a disadvantaged position to an advantaged position)

    LEGAL TECHNIQUES: All finishing techniques must be applied in a
    gradual and safe manner or will result in disqualification!!! Safety first!!
    -Chokes and neck cranks
    -Arm bars, shoulder, wrist, and hip locks
    -Knee, foot, and ankle locks
    -Key locks

    -No Heel Hooks in Kid's Divisions.

    ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES: Punishment is 1 foul or disqualification, at referees discretion
    -Strikes of any kind, -Not applying any submission in a slow, gradual manner, -Hair pulling, -Body slams, -Making your opponent land on his/ her head, -Touching of the eyes or groin,
    -Biting, fishhooking, pressure point use, or small joint manipulation (grabbing individual fingers or toes, or wrenching the ears or nose, etc),
    -Thumbing, scratching, pinching, or pulling skin, -Applying any slippery substance to the body, hair, or uniform, -Cursing, arguing with the referee, or general bad attitude,

    -Unsportsmanlike conduct (Referee's discretion)
    This tournament will be a great warm-up for the Arnold's, Gracies and Caique tournaments later in the year as those are the big ones here in the midwest. Anyone else plan on attending?

    Outside of posting this so that others may find interest and attend I was thinking about the first round no points rule and how that would affect my strategy for that first round. I'm of the philosophy 'go with the flow' and 'take the opportunities presented.' In previous tournaments I usually really relaxed during the fight and never rush to finish or try to force a submission. I prefer to work the openings given to me though I'm thinking I might need to be far more aggressive than usual in the first round of this tournament. Anyone with any no points grappling competition experience have anything useful to share?

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    I'm planning on competing, although I'm not certain yet.

    The ruleset is certainly novel.


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