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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    Hey I Have A Penis, It Makes Me A Mighty Hunter/predator/badass Even Though I Am Ridiculously Blind To 50% Of The Population's Potential To Hurt Me. Please Ignore The Fact That This Logical Issue Casts Serious Doubt On The Things I Say On The Internet To Sound Hard To Some Girls.
    lol @ no capslock
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    Wow, that guy up there was rambling for quite a long time. I am only going to comment on one thing in your post, and it is as follows.

    "You're the guy saying "hahahaha Rudy, you can't play in the NFL. You'll never be Barry Sanders.""

    Yes I am, because Rudy is never going to play in the NFL and he never will be a Barry Sanders.

    The statement is true, and you are telling me I am a bad person for putting them down, or bringing them to this realization. I am not trying to beat the notion into these female fighters heads.

    I could careless if they continue or quit training this very day. It's not my business to tell them what to do with their lives. I am just commenting on the fact that women have a much smaller genetic potential for fighting than men. That is all.
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