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    Quote Originally Posted by Slydermv

    EDIT: Oh.. and the government didn't kill walkerton people... some assholes who got drunk and didn't do their job did you moron...

    [/rant x 2]
    No, it was the fault of government policies. Read the Walkerton report for yourself.

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    Slyde, don't even get me started on the Conservatives and Ipperwash...
    "Get the FUCKIN indians out of the park!' about summarizes the radical right wing mindset that has enveloped the Conservative ever since Preston Manning and his Christian bros. infiltrated the party. Merger?Ha! They are the Reform party with a new face.
    The far right is way too far right these days. They are fuckin' dangerous. You do not want them running the country.
    And. yes, I know you aren't a Conservative and you are just pointing out tthat they did do some good things in Ontario under Harris. I agree, but they did alot more harm than good. Especially to health care, and their inaction on environmental issues was appaling as well.
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    [QUOTE=eyebeams]You do realize that this is a value neutral statement, don'ty you?

    No... I don't even know what a value neutral statement is... thank you very much....

    No, it was wrong. YES. It had no statistical bearing on employment and the implementation actually costs the province money because it was done through a private contractor.

    If you've worked in private consulting, and in government offices, you can not tell me that government are more effiecent then the private sector. If kept in place it would have saved money. Less welfare means increase gain in govenment spending money. Investing a sum in the beginning to get back that plus more.. sadly they only had a four year term...

    Except, of course, that we know now that much of that was dodgy accounting done to hide the fact that the Tories were spending millions on investigating whether or not people were selling naughty movies. Billions are still unaccounted for.

    Unaware of this. My understanding was the provence was making money after the Tories were in power... But the pricipal of privating governemt services that are running at a loss, keeping in check the private company with government policy is still sound, and what Tories were working for.

    That didn't happen, you realize.

    My understanding was the Rae governemnt put in equal opportunity hiring, of which the Tories got rid of. Equal opportunity employment is a retarded idea. Best man/woman for the job is correct.

    In practice, standardized testing managed to lower education quality because the government did not actually prototype the tests and automated marking schemes failed kids for doing things like forgetting a name. As a result, dropout levels in Ontario are now so high that the Liberals are trying to pass law requiring people to stay in school until age 18.

    Ok... implemented incorrectly, but teachers are still now required to do upgrading yearing, and that is good for the education system. Hence, one problem with the Tory gvt. They tried to impliment things too fast, and the testing scheme should have been thought thruogh and tested more... but still, sound ideals...

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    Thank you... I think....

    You must be joking. It's the direct cause of shortages in communities like mine.

    How so? I'm in Thunder Bay... we've had shortages in Doc's forever. Since the Tories this has improved... or is this case a fluke of nature... My understanding was doctors were given incentives through the Tory gvt to work in isolated communities... though I might be mixing this up with current Liberal Policy...

    No, they got pissed because he did things like order the OPP to beat the **** out ofn people and shoot them while putting a grade 11 dropout in charge of education and a used car salesman in charge of transportation. And oh yeah -- Walkerton.

    Ok... Mike Harris did some retarded things. But whose perfect? And as for Walkerton, still not convinced. I don't care what policies were or weren't in place. Two drunk assholes didn't test the water when they were supposed to...

    No, he lied repeatedly about funding levels and what the effects of his policies would be. He lied about saving money, when we're billions in the hole because of him.

    News to me... but at least he didn't have even worse spending idea like gun control, when the death rate from guns in Canada per year is in the double didgets...

    No, a province is a component of a nation state. Homspun allegories are fucking retarded.

    No necessarily. You can only spend what you have coming in... else you run into debt... and debt is bad...

    Except that NDP governments don't actually do that. The Ontario deficit was largely a legacy of red Tory deficit spending. The Harries government wasted lots of money on stupid schemes in education and Hydro. They managed to cut welfare without saving Ontarians much money.

    Education and Hydro ideas were sound. They rushed the policies... hence bad **** happened. Fair Enough. And NDP's are the worse spenders there are and have no experiance running a provence. It would be a disaster...

    No, that guy is usually either disabled, attending school or spends 140 hours a month looking for work, which he usually finds in less than a year. While he's not working, he props up basic consumer spending, supporting real economic growth. Without welfare, business is usually *less* successful, not more.

    You don't get out much... half of the people I know on Welfare are capable of getting work, but sit on their asses and wait for a cheque to come in. Your examples.. I agree with... they should be helped. People are fucking lazy... and unless they have a real hard time to get by with low welfare cheques with no good reason, they'll keep milking the system

    No, welfare has always been below minimum wage.

    Then why were people quitting jobs to go on welfare during the NDP run. I remeber news stories on this fact. The number I am unsure of... but people were making just as much money on welfare cheques as they were working. I hate leaches...

    Well, it would depress the value of the dollar to have those fuckups in. Since I make part of my moeny in USD, it's be good for me to have incompetents in, but I try to be more broadminded.

    It's our only choise at the moment. Vote consevative now... teach the libs a lesson, then let them back in after the spanking...[/QUOTE]

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