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    So what is a 'meal'?

    Reading throughout this thread I saw manby references to eating "4-6 meals" a day.

    OK, this is the question. How much food qualifies as a "meal" rather than say, a snack?

    For instance is a ham/cheese sandwich a meal? A small baguette?

    I'm only asking this because where I come from, meals are pretty hefty.

    Apologies if this has been posted before, I did my homework and didn't come across this. Yes, I even read the entire 11 pages of baofuhaibo's "train like a fighter" thread.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KnuckleMeister
    Apologies if this has been posted before, I did my homework and didn't come across this. Yes, I even read the entire 11 pages of baofuhaibo's "train like a fighter" thread.
    Jesus, sorry dude. That's time you're never going to get back.

    As to your question, a "meal" in that context means eating something, even a baby :eatbaby:

    Eating often does some fairly complex things to your physiology, but really that's not important. And hell no you don't want to eat 6 full meals a day. You'll be a fat ass in no time. Eat often enough you never feel hungry, but not so much you ever feel full. Constant grazing.

    Take your daily calorie requirement, divide by the target number of meals you feel ok with eat and then fit your nutritional requirements around that. Make sure you get varieties of veggies and take at minimum a multivitamin. You also have to worry about the proper fats, enough fiber and good carbs, etc etc. It can get to be a lot of work but there are shortcuts.

    But this is all about your needs and what your body wants. For example - I need right around 3000 calories a day for my activity level at my fighting weight of 275lbs (or so says math). But I'm trying to lose some fat so I'm cutting to 2500cal and keeping my protien intake high at 250g. For breakfast i get 650cal (2c shredded wheat, 2c skim milk, 2 shots protien powder). As a "meal" before lunch I have a protien bar. 300cal, 20g protien, tastes like candy and I can carry it and eat it anywhere.

    For your meals: you want to pack as much nutirents into as few calories as possible. Your ham and cheese isn't too bad if you do it right - whole grain bread, light cheese, lean ham, no mayo, some veggies.

    Some of my meal shortcuts:
    Protien bars
    Protien powder in a baggie - perfect for throwning in a bottle of milk from any gas station and you can keep a few anywhere since the stuff lasts forever.
    Canned veggie soup - I have a problem getting enough veggies so I eat chunky veggie soup right from the can. 19oz of veggies in tomato broth, 220cal, 2g fat, lots of good carbs and vitamins.
    South beach meals - either the lunchable knockoff or the microwave kind. ~300-600 calories, packed with veggies and lean protien.
    Fresh Fruit n Veggies - apples, pears, carrot and celery packs, the less processed the better.

    You get the idea.

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    A meal is determined by the following:

    Total number of calories needed in a day divided by number of times to eat.

    I need to get about 2500 calories in a day. I typically don't eat meals larger than 500 calories at a time. The body can also only process a certain amount of food at a time, and will turn any excess calories consumed at that time into fat. 600-800 calories is considered an upper limit for most people.

    Eating more frequently with smaller meals is recommended, but not always possible.


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