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    Most fantastical tactical light post ever..

    From Candepowerforums, by way of Pax Nauseam. I just had to share it as it made me laugh and think of that jerk from The Office.

    To give context, the guy is talking about a home-made lanyard on a torch. Yes, an ultra-shiney torch with special grips and lumpy-bumpy bits with an anodized finish, but a torch none-the-less. I'm just trying to imagine the scenario he had in mind when he wrote this gem...

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    Default Re: Seized Lanyard
    I'm leery of any lanyard that gives me no option to get out of it in an instant at any time.

    On the positive side this one looks like it may only take two fingers in a misshap. On the negative side, if whatever your light gets hung up on doesn't take two fingers off it may pull your whole hand in and take that...or your whole arm...or leave you hanging all by yourself from an overhead somewhere.

    Whatever lanyard you favor you should always carry a sharp knife so that in a pinch you may cut it off or at least have the option to remove your fingers, hand or arm if things go really wrong and you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so.

    There can be quite a bit more at stake here than just losing your light. Some situations are much more forgiving than others.
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    What an amazing life of danger and derring-do this man must be leading! He envisages the possibility of a situation in which he might have to remove his own arm in the dark. Even that hiker who had to cut his own arm off waited until daylight to carry out the operation. The mind boggles..

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    And his solution is retarded^h^h^h^h^h^HNot nice looking at all. There are several multi strand knots that would have solved his problems with the knots snuggnes for example any circular variation on the turks head. And the remaining parts could have been spliced into the handle.
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    LOL, I'm seeing it now: Phil, Walking along some jagged and str33t looking crevice is suddenly attacked by sword wielding ninjas. His colors nailed to the mast and standing tall and generating ki and his flashlight with commando-paracord straps in one hand with his best "dont bet me im retarded look" he reaches for his gun slips and gets stuck over a 40m drop down to some more hungry ninjas...

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    I'm gonna have to agree about the need to get free of the lanyard. Something as simple as a lanyard being caught in a door may be enough to dislocate a finger if you didn't realize it happened. Hell, they put warning labels on dog leashes for the same reason. That said, when the hell am I really going to need a light strapped to my hand? If I'm expecting ninjas I'll be buying some night vision goggles and a hook hand.
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