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    Greetings. New member here so apologies if I somehow messed up posting procedure and sorry for the use of Necromancy in raising the thread (Threadromancy?). Saw this poll a few days ago and got me thinking so I thought I might throw in my 2 bits worth. I'm not claiming this as fact or the final word, but it is my thoughts and concepts and ideas I have formed over the years to try make sense of the whole thing while trying to keep an open mind to the possible presence of something mystical. This might end up as a TL:DR post and if I begin to ramble I am sorry my mind easily wanders.

    The term 'Chi' as it is thrown around today, to me is an antiquated umbrella term used to describe both real and mystical factors of the human body. It was a simpler time when gods made the sun rise, magical faeries stole children, the dead returned to drink blood, women made magical pacts with the source of all evil and demons raped you in your sleep (so alot of that isn't asia, but you get the idea). I have heard people today define Chi as much simpler things such as Breath or Adrenaline. But I think it's more than that. Chi to me is different aspects of our bodies systems (such as the endocrine, nervous, respiratory) coupled with the bioelectric field generated by our living cells.

    Meditation and visualisation, while not exactly part of the Chi concept, still play an important role in 'using' it. An old therapist of mine told me once that the mind has amazing power over the body, you just need to learn how to do it. This was in reference to pain management, but the idea stuck with me and it is also a concept you hear about alot, mind over body. The use of meditation and breathing techniques helps relax the body and sharpen the mind which to me felt like the same idea as a warm-up to prepare the physical body for training. Visualisation and concentration is used to get help from the body in aiding you to perform the task desired. The more you practice, the better and quicker at it you become, like any technique. I liken it to learning how to walk, but instead of moving your arms and legs, your increasing blood flow to your limbs, switching of pain receptors, flicking the switch to you adrenal glands. This is why I believe (or like to believe) that alot of practitioners of the Chi arts (as I call them) practice meditation (or should) as a core fundamental technique. It could also explain why some practitioners defend what they do or even instructors (as people are want to do) when other people start its all fake. Maybe these people are the ones walking, or learning to walk (with results) or are able to see how someone else can walk when all the others are laying on the ground flailing about. Now I could be wrong and it could all be fake, but I'm not here to judge that.

    As for Chi itself, I tend to think of what context it is being used in as to what it is. Starting with typical phrases in reguards to chi I have come across in my martial arts lifetime are letting the chi flow and focusing chi. Letting the Chi flow was in reguards to relaxing muscles for striking. Most here should be aware of the concept of relax muscles vs tight muscles for power generation in a strike, but fo this my thoughts were just chi is power. Focusing chi was generally in reguards to breaking boards or blocks or tiles or similar objects. To me, chi here draws on what I was saying previously. By visualising the task (Example being breaking a board with your hand. Lets start off easy) and concentrating on focusing your chi to your hand, your body can take what is going to happen (via the visualisation) and where it is going to happen (concentrating on your hand) and then begin making preperations. The chi would fill your hand preparing it for the strike, or maybe the body will start numbing the pain receptors, pumping a bit of extra blood for cushioning, extra energy to the muscles needed for assisting in power generation, and maybe a little adrenaline just in case. Not too much. Dont want the whole thing going crazy. Now all you thought about was gathering chi in your hand so you can plough through a board, while your body drrew upon the various systems at its disposal to get ready for some idiot to smash wood with his bare hand. Chi to me also is your overall health. When you have good chi flow, your body is working well. If there is disruption in your Chi flow, or a blockage as I have also heard said, Then something somewhere is not working as well as the rest of the body.

    Now as for affecting the chi in someone else (like chi strikes and whatnot) I can see how it COULD be done via the bodies bioelectrical fields (or aura if you want to get all new-agey). While the whole aura thing (I'll call it aura. Not typing bioelectrical field each time) wasn't new to me, it's useage in martial arts and linkage to Chi was made aware to me by a hapkido practitioner at a seminar I attended. We messed around with the idea behind using our aura to penetrate theirs and then fill that gap with a strike. I cannot remember what the theory behind it was, but when my partner used the technique, the blows did hurt more. Another concept we talked about was increasing our conscious awareness of our own aura so we can use it like another sense and with training, can learn to expand and contract our auras. Olden time yoga masters were believed to be able to tell alot about a person without seeing them, just from 'reading' thier aura. Now I don't know the validity of this but like I said at the start, I try to keep an open mind. But this could help explain the whole thing behind ancient masters sensing whats going on around them. By extending their auras they were able to pick up on the aura of another human lurking in the shadows. Now as for Chi Blasts and the like, less Hadoken, more bioelectrical shock to the muscles to cause spasm generated by the attackers aura. Yeah, I know. Even that sounds sketchy, but hey, I am not here to explain it, just add my thoughts on how I think it COULD happen. Taking the actual Chi blast aside, the using the aura as a sense concept could also help explain things like intuition. Your bodies aura is reading those around it. It picks up something that it doesn't like the feel of and your body begins to react accordingly. You, being the late one to the party as always, picks up on the signs and decide its time to get away from there. Which also can make me see how these chi throwing masters can blow their own students away yet not someone else. The master has had practice in blowing holes into the students aura and the student wouldn't be on edge around the master so thier aura would be more relaxed, where as another person brings the opposite, an aura the master hasn't tried attacking and an aura that is up and ready to defend against whatever comes it's way.

    Alot of Chi could be put down to the unknown where in a time, mysticism was common place and lack of knowledge. Like ninjas and invisibility. Walking down a dimly lit passageway when out of nowhere, a shadow appears (or a dark dressed figure lying hidden, waiting ambusing you) and stabs you. Before you can react the shadow vanishes (or adrenaline kicks in cause your stabbed, tunnel vision occurs, brain fog sets in and you lose track of a darkly dressed figure trained in stealth in a dimly lit passageway). But hey, ninjas can turn invisible and stuff.

    And that's that. Probably alot of stuff I didn't mention but it's long enough as it was anyway. Thankyou to those who actually read the whole thing, or really any part of it. I know there are things people wont agree with, but these the thoughts and whatnot that I brought together to help understand something that alot of people cannot explain (or bother not to learn about) and hey, someone may read this it may help them in understanding something they were not sure of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big maclol View Post
    Out of a bunch of Ki/Chi theories

    A Tai-chi dude told me that "Ki or chi" is how you move the body and use the right mechanisms, fluid movement, weight transfering.

    Like how some say the power comes from the "ground" meaning the pivot of the foot, to the hip, to the shoulder, all the way to to knuckles - and that is great "Ki or Chi"

    and some say "Ki or Chi" is just one's energy, mood, which makes more sense
    Quote Originally Posted by nils View Post
    Since this thread is already out of its grave, let me share this one:

    some karate-teacher (don't remember the name, he was JKA, from Hawaii, around the year 2000 at a seminar in Hamburg. Most likely 3rd Dan or higher) let us practice some basic over-the-shoulder-throw. After that, he told us to force our ki to our feet - thus we would be much harder to throw, because the ki would hold us to the ground. Because we would weigh more.

    Therefore, ki is spacetime-distortion.

    Therefore, fat people have more ki.

    Also he shared some of his wisdom with us - "you can make small mistakes in life, but do not do big mistakes".
    These anecdotes align with what I understand about the application of internal strength; the coordination of muscles and development of tissue in order to strengthen the base and turn out exceedingly powerful movements. It's fascinating stuff; the kind of thing that can be very jealously guarded.

    In America, I know Dan Harden and Mike Sigman are two who are purported to teach some form of it; some of the Chens of Chen Taiji are also supposed to be very strong. Then there's Akuzawa Minoru in Tokyo; he's the only such reputed person I've directly had experience with, and he's no poseur.

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