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    Good day.

    First time poster, so I figured Iíd leave this in the newbie section. To be honest, this wasnít the first forum Iíve visited. I tried Martial Arts Planet, Martial Talk, and Sherdog. Sorry, used Google to help me. The white/bright user interface of the first two was a straining my eyes and the third focused on MMA, so here I am. My name is Luke and I have zero combat training and the fights Iíve gotten into are just those petty, uncoordinated altercations in the field. I am nearing 30 and decided to take up martial arts training. I know I am a late bloomer and while I may have a harder time keeping up with the younger ones, I wanted to immerse myself in a skill that could potentially save me as well as keep me fit. Also, I will be working next month and I had to give up soccer for my job so I need another physical outlet.

    Iím currently in my second month of Tae Kwon Do. Why Tae Kwon Do? Iíve been doing a bit of reading and ďdojo scouringĒ and decided Iíd start with an art that gears to what I am comfortable with. I have been a soccer player since I was a kid, so I figured Iíd just keep using my legs. I was able to find a reputable school and used some of the tips I read in a site called ď24 ChickensĒ. Anyway, I am loving the training and I actually find it more tiring than soccer practice. I have a question, though. Since my training resumes next week, I wasnít able to clarify this term with my instructor (one that I kept encountering online) Ė Alive Delivery. Does the term equate to sparring? As a white belt, I wasnít allowed to spar or use that armor yet. The closest thing that my instructor did was to use 2 kick pads and weave around the mat slapping me in the arms, head, legs, chest (thrusting) to trigger and hone my blocking and keep my guard up and, at the same time, letting me chase them to kick them or presenting them as targets to alternate blocking and counterstriking. Weíd do two 3-minute rounds of this with a 1-minute break. Can this be close to being called alive?

    Ok, now to why I joined. I asked my instructor what I could do to train at home. He suggested I buy a punching bag: 50 to 60 lbs and bag gloves with wrist wraps. He also suggested I purchase weights (since I told him I canít afford a gym membership). I got a barbell with 80lbs in plates. Now I havenít exactly done lifting exercises, but I can handle 80 lbs (reps are another issue). If I want to build upper body strength for punching, do I start at what I can lift or do I start a little lower, like say 60?

    Finally, since I only train twice a week for 2 hrs each, my instructor suggested I also try other disciplines during weekends to round out my training. He recommended an MMA gym a short drive away so I can learn either Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also decided that weapons training would also contribute so I was able to find a Kendo club and an Arnis club (a bit partial to this because my gramps has Philippine roots). What can you guys recommend to supplement my Tae Kwon Do? Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Kendo or Arnis?
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    Welcome to Bullshido! Generally the term alive refers to a resisting opponent. Some drills and such can be more alive than others. Like punching from the waist at the air classical karate style vs padwork with movement and evasion. I think the key to making something alive is resistance and real time application. As for cross training, where do you live? Some of us here might be able to recommend places worth checking out. Good to see a tkd instructor that advocates cross training.

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    Welcome to Bullshido. Make the most of whatever you train.

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    Wrt your questions about aliveness, just watch this:

    and this:

    As far as cross training, try different stuff and figure out what suits your goals.

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    If your goal is self defence kendo won't help much, arnis would be better. But my recommendation is to concentrate on one thing for now.

    Regarding weight training that is a huge topic. I like for beginners weight training advice. Targeted mostly to women but a ton of generally good info there.

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    Thanks! The replies and video link summed the definition up nicely. 1:21 in video one is basically what I am doing now (with the addition of kicks).

    I live in Sacramento, but because of my upcoming job, I will probably alternate between California and Makati City every other quarter.

    I will try to keep my priority on one art, but I don't mind taking one or two more on the side while the body is still willing. I am also inclined to pick Arnis, especially after learning that it isn't a stick-dependent art. However, I am still torn between Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because I've been hearing nothing but good things from both camps.
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