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    Ha ha, you make me remeber why I donīt that kind of work anymore.

    Last time I did was two years ago and some idiot turned on the firealarm on purpuse (the usuall reason). We had to move al the people outside quickly and wait for the firebrigade to check the building. The quests had very little clothes on, it was very cold outside and it was snowing. They were not too happy. The stupid management had no communication with the firemen so nobody new if and when the building was safe to open again so we could let everybody inside and get their clothes. Because people were angry and freezing we opened up a empty building that was nearby that would keep them warm.....

    Then it happened again, some lovely character turns on the firealarm in the other building and now is people getting really pissed. Out in the cold again, some people tryed to rush in to the closed nightclub to get their clothes, some started to vandalise other buildings, some just started to fight. In the end we had to call fo the cop, because the whole thing started to escalate to be a riot. Thankfully cold people tend to be less aggressive...

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    lord do I have stories. could fill a book. for a long time I wanted to make up tshirts that said thank god for x. finally something to put out the roid flares. me and my friends would often start up nights, we would take over a spot, usually a dive bar with nothing else going on and trust me on Long Island you can throw a rock in any direction and hit one, throw on some HC bands, or play music that everyone later called alternative, and now that I think on it we were really very lucky and very fucking dumb. To this day people still talk about some of these clubs, many of the parties really became legendary- one even spawned a clothing line called Caffeine which is still around today but has turned uber gay. It was really one of the first clubs to break DJs like Moby and Micro in the states. Friday's were electronic music and Saturdays was called Voodoo. You would hear **** like Public Enemy and then Jane's Addiction. You never knew what the **** was going to come in. One week you could have the Pagans show up, next you'd get all different gang members like SIB and DMS or whatever. In that club I was more of a patron than a worker thank god.

    Anyway I graduated to spinning so...learn to spin records man, it is much much much much much better.

    had a regular coke head who would cruise through one of my nights- called him sniffles. reason why is, well he always had a runny nose. always using one of those nose things. homeboy would come in all clean and nice, have some drinks, but soon his eyelids were frozen open- we would watch this guy close- never left the club or anything so where was he doing his thing? Nose always running, eyes all red...Followed him to the bathroom, nada...but clearly he was doing bumps somewhere but watch him as we would we just couldn't figure out where he was partying. Thing is, the guy always had nasal drops right...just goes to show how slow we were, lol... Come to find out he had the coke dissolved in the nasal drops. Hence the nickname Sniffles.

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    You're such a man. You should come work over here in Fresno. There are bouncers making 200 a night.

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    15 and 20 an hour are a lot, or just a lot for bouncing?

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    Bounced for awhile at a bar actually called Cheers on South street in Philly. The owners daughters ran the bar and they were as hot as hot gets.
    Well the fact that I am 5'7' and about 225,( at that time all solid) and if you did not know I owned the MMA school up the street it might have been hard to figure out why I was the bouncer.
    This bar had brawls in it every night, so the owner came to my club and made me an offer I could not refuse. Most of my students were kids of the poor people from the projects and I didn't charge them as long as they worked, or kept an eye on my wife around the Hood. So a few extra bucks towards the school was great.
    Well the owners told just about everyone that came in who I was and why I was there.
    But I think the fact that I carried a Taser, in a shoulder holster, pretty much made all the hard looks go away and I never had to throw anyone out , and I never had a single fight in the 4 mo. I was there. Even though the off duty cops would say I needed a gun, I was unwilling to kill for this job. On the nights I was off they still had the brawls but, I guess getting Tazed and then getting kicked in the head wasn't the top priority on anyones list.
    The funny part was that the owner came and told me I was too Intimidating, and that the drunks couldn't or wouldn't drink as much fearing getting too drunk and do something stupid.
    I was cool with it, and stopped by the next night for money. and behold the whole front window was shattered and the mirror over the bar was shattered, and the place was in tatters. Woops a shoobie.
    I asked the owner if selling a few more drinks was worth catering to the low lifes I kept out of the bar, his daughters begged me to come back, I gave the hottest one a kiss then laughed and left thru the shattered window.
    Either you can run a classy place or a dive, they chose dive.
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    I work at a Casino, and we had an interesting situation tonight. Guy hits a jackpot on a machine for $1250. Of course he's stoked, and i lead him up to the cage to have him paid out. He's asked for his ID.....doesn't have it. He's then informed that because he has no ID that a) He shouldn't be in the casino in the first place - everyone has to have ID when they set foot through the door, and b) the jackpot had to be voided and he was to receive not a shiny red cent of what he won.

    He's pissed...naturally...he and his buddy both. His buddy seemed more pissed than him, i guess because he was counting on that jackpot to continue mooching off his buddy...he struck me as the moocher type. He starts raising of the Tribal cops on duty, who stands roughly 6' 6 and looks like a former linebacker, intervenes between the pissed patron and the executive, and said patron QUICKLY calms down when confronted with 6'6 260lbs of hardass mofo, S&W .40 caliber and 20 inch hardwood baton. So the guy gets a 10-14 out the front door, and that was the end of the excitement for the night.

    Not quite as cool as the bouncer stories, but it was interesting to actually watch.

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