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    First stretch out. Then get warm by doing stuff, like kicking, jumping jacks or whatever. Then stretch again after you are warm.

    And try 2 man stretches. I always felt alot more flexible after 2 man streches. Basically you just do the normal stretches and have a friend push down on your back to give a better stretch.

    If the problem is in your joints, then there's nothing you can do.

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    stop smoking, stop drinking caffine, drink water, and stretch after weight training and martial art class.

    get the video: yoga for flexibility by yoga home journal

    it's all you need! perfoms half of the video after every work out

    still can't stretch? Well then, you weren't meant to. will inspire you

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    I'd highly recommend self-myofascial release and PNF stretching. SMR is done by lying on a foam roller using several techniques to loosen various muscle groups. The fascia can not be released through static stretching. Scar tissue and adhesions are layed down whenever you are injured, and SMR can help to break them down.

    PNF stretching is a type of static stretching where you hold a light stretch for 5 seconds, then stop, then do it again for multiple sets. This will loosen your muscles immediately and it is useful pre-workout. Do not confuse this with the hold for 20+ seconds type of static stretching. Multiple studies show that long static stretching decreases neuromuscular efficiency and strength, short term. This is why it is silly to perform long duration static stretching pre-workout. Dynamic, SMR, and PNF stretching on the other hand, are excellent.

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