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    KC Elbows
    Am I correct that you've moved out here? How are you liking it in KC? Anything you're having trouble finding? And, more importantly, have you gone to any good restaurants?

    Also, where are you training? I'm not that familiar with the MMA scene around here, though I do know one guy who does muay thai(though his core art is tai chi, if ya can believe that). Let me know if you need any info on martial arts options out here, or have any interesting finds I might not know about.

    BTW, it looks like you managed to attract some traditionalists, though you did have a few before, such as Asia. See, all the flack you took on KFO wasn't for nothing.

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    I've been pretty busy since I got here. We just got cable today and our furniture still isn't here yet.

    Hell, we don't have DSL, and my fiancee and I are stuck sharing a dial up conneciton to get our work done.

    I'll start training at Gracie Barra in a few days. I was also checking out Jeff Ford's school, and the Combat AJJ school where I went for the Robert Ferguson seminar last Sunday.

    I wanted to put my little on in Wushu, but I can't find anything out here. My 11 year old will probably be going to a Capoeira class with me one day a week if we can fit it in our schedule.

    Know any good KF schools around here?

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    KC Elbows
    There is wushu. It's taught by a lady named Shao Li, very nice lady. Her classes are at 75th and Metcalf at a tae kwon do school(shared space situation-I believe there's a group doing wing chun there as well)on Thursdays at 7:45 PM and on Saturdays at 2:45. I'll get the name of the school for you.

    I'm surprised you found the capoeira so quick. There's actually two groups doing capoeira here, but the best copoeira I've seen is by one guy who, to my knowledge, doesn't run a class out here, just practices on his own. I'll contact him and see if he is teaching a group now, he's a phenomenal athlete and a good person to train with, regardless of style.

    As far as kung fu, the class I attend is six elbows kung fu, held at the Nelson Atkins museum from 6-9 Tue, Wed, Fri and Saturday from 8-11 AM, though Mike generally, to my knowledge, doesn't teach a lot of kids. It's free, generally there's a fairly heavy workout, forms/applications, and sparring.

    On Saturdays and Sundays at the Nelson, there's a guy by the name of Roger who teaches an informal tai chi class there, of the people I've played push hands against, he's the best. I know that tai chi isn't necessarily in your field of interest, but I figure I'd save you time if you were ever looking, as the easiest to find kung fu schools out here are not what they could be.

    There's a mantis guy out here, I don't know if he's taking students, but his reputation is quite good among the good kung fu fighters out here. I'm supposed to check his school out with a friend, if he'll have us there, I'll let you know how he is.

    Where is Gracie Barra, Jeff Ford, and Ferguson's school?

    BTW, if you want to come by our school some time, it would be cool to pick your brain on groundwork and martial arts in general. My teacher is fairly progressive, while still maintaining his styles the way they were taught to him.

    Welcome to KC.

    If you'd check your "thinking about checking out ferguson" thread, you'd have my email address, and you could ask these questions more directly, plus I could be more free to tell you about the crappy schools you could check out. Plus, then people would stop spamming that address, as I could take it down.

    Just kidding ya.

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    Robert Ferguson doesn't teach out here, it was just a seminar at the last school listed above.

    Anyway, I'm mainly looking for KF appropriate for an 11 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. I don't want to put the little one in a McDojo class because she's really got potential (she's watched a few different Shaolin forms and can copy some of the moves amazingly well for her age.)

    As far as KF for myself goes, I'd love to do a day a week if I'm not going to be doing Capoeira.

    What's the 6-Elbows story? Never heard of the style.

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    KC Elbows
    6 elbows is actually a nickname for the style. The cantonese name is luk chua bi da, that's probably misspelled. It's largely made up of strikes and throws, meant for in fighting.

    Someone asked me the same question on KFO, right now I don't have the will to retype or copy and paste it over here, but I might get to it later. Apparently I injured my knee doing something, I don't know what, but I'll probably be at the computer with an ice pack today, so I'll get around to it.

    Shao Li would teach your kid the best physical skills, as her wushu(modern) is quite good. I believe she charges something like 60 bucks a month, but I could be wrong on that.

    Injuries suck.


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