Part of a letter from Ej Harrison to Robert Smith on Kawaishi's books

EJH to RWSmith, Nov. 24, 1954:

Shortly I shall have galley proofs of Kawaishi’s important book on my hands. Like Oda he has not scrupled to include kansetsuwaza and shimewaza that are taboo at the Kodokan and in this country. He has, however, gone one better than Oda in that he describes some really devastating leg and dislocation neck locks that are entirely foreign to my own judo experience in Dai Nippon. In my preface to my translation I point out that even though these dangerous methods cannot safely be introduced into friendly practice and contest they should nonetheless be taught to responsible yudansha unless we are anxious to expose them (the yudansha) to the possible humiliation not to say disaster of defeat at the hands and legs of toughs and plug-uglies who have managed to pick up this dangerous knowledge.
Translation... this isnt sport judo, it's self defense.