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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebell
    angry spastic i think you should go to the maori's and just be yourself, also let someone videotape the whole thing.

    in general: its not my character nor intentionto insult someones culture or religion, im approaching this from my own (different) background and this whole story about bayonets army training and flowers sound weird, so far ive read nothing that changed my mind.
    Good of you to acknowledge that. Foreign cultures can seem extremely weird and IMO that's a good reason to try to understand them.

    To the best of my knowledge Hirini Reedy did develop a course for the NZ Army based on Maori warrior concepts. I don't know how "official" it was, but:

    1:te mau taiaha does include a lot of wilderness training, survivalism, using the environment etc. Yes, this training still happens; no, it's not widely known about, even in New Zealand.

    2: the nature imagery, "move like a bird", "stand like a tree" etc. has been part of Maori warrior tradition for hundreds of years.

    120 years ago the Maori were a formidable warrior culture who successfully defied the British Army, both in guerilla warfare and hand to hand combat. Modern Maori culture still produces very highly regarded soldiers and fighters.

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    yeah the maori spent a good while fucking up the british, and were the inventors of trench warfare. taiaha training is good ****, mate of mine is a big old grass skirt boy who lives in glen innes in auckland and he teaches it. quite effective stuff. dont **** with the maaaris yo.

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