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    Well at least they're not making videos of them charging their chi and doing kata. Apart from the fact that they think they're ready for the ring - is it so bad? At least they're hitting eachother, even if it is weaker than my grandmother.

    With a little direction they may even start training properly. I'd rather see kids having honest fun-fights than standing in line throwing kias all day.

    But yeah, I'd also love to 'train' with them so I could be the bully for a change...

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    I just found the topic:

    One interesting part of it is that the guy claims this video is not of them, its just something a random member posted in the topic. Did you miss that part Alex? Its a funny topic though, and even if that video isnīt them...I bet they suck anyway.

    Here is a post by one of those "tough guys":

    Something that I want to make clear is that the video that freddieMercury posted was not us. We expected this kind of response beforehand. Personally, even though I'm doing it and know it's stupid, I still enjoy it. The night that we did do it, I walked home with 2 wins and 1 loss.

    One of the fights that I had was against a kickboxer with a black belt. I ended up winning only due to my reach and reflexes. I stuck to jabbing and occassionally threw in right straights when he got in range for them. However, I didn't win that easily, I ended up with a bloody nose, 3 cuts in my mouth, and a small cut on my ear. He was really cool afterwards though and showed a lot of sportsman-like qualities, so maybe it just wasn't his night...

    Before that I fought some kid that fought even worse than the kids in that video and it was almost an insult to me to have to fight him. The third match, in which I lost, was just a complete slugfest which I'm not proud of. I lost by "doctor's decision" after our first round because I couldn't keep my head in one spot.

    That's how my night went, I'm not exactly proud that I can beat random people with my boxing style, however I don't think you should just that we're weak so easily. We do lack proper training, but we'll be seeking it soon. The Vineland Police Academy League looks like our best bet, so we'll be looking for a little support in the future.

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    ...Happy Polish Heritate Week, Mr. Schira...-_- least I managed to tie on of my shoes without help this morning...and one of the loops hasn't fallen out yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fanatical
    I can't believe people are happy about them having the "balls" to "spar".

    Hell, I've taken a worse beating pillowfighting with my brother when we were kids. Honestly...
    Why not? Let's not confuse having the will to fight with what is obviously a clear lack of skills. These kids are terrible fighters and with the exception of maybe the blond kid towards the end look to have no formal training. But, they are putting on the gloves and going at it. I would take these kids to train and mold into fighters over the majority of the people who go to McDojo's with their "I'm too deadly to spar" attitude or the "I train for fitness" attitude. What's better:

    A. Will to fight with no training
    B. Training without will to fight

    Ever watch the first time belted McDojo martial artists actually allow head shots during sparring? Same thing... they turn their heads, close thier eyes, punches get sloppy etc. Many don't even do it cause "I could seriously hurt you with my rigid hand strike". How about all the gear these guys put on? Booties, knee pads, head gear, mouth pieces, chest protectors with big colored dots.

    Nope, I'm sticking to my original statement. These kids suck but at least they have the will to fight.

    To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence;
    Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without spilling your Guinness.
    Sun "Fu Man JhooJits" Tzu, the Art of War & Guinness

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    Gotta agree on that. These guys could get good in 6 months with a little hard work and some formal training. Unless their mentality is that training makes them less agressive/punch with less power or something, then they're real idiots.

    Hey, these guys going pro would be a good thing.
    I mean some boxers could get really good looking career records.
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