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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteShark
    Here is a good example:

    What the hell am I supposed to do from here?
    I didnt bother to read all 3 pages of the topic, so forgive me if someone has already posted this technique.

    Anyways, you're in trouble there because you allowed the guy to get control of your collar. Ideally when he swims for double underhooks on the legs like that, I straight my legs to make them heavy and therefore difficult to pull my hips up so he can grab a collar.

    Another option is to reach one of your arms underneath his armpit and grab it with the other hand- this will prevent your opponent from picking you up as well (and if you persist, you can pull an arm through for a triangle).

    As far as getting stacked in triangles, its usefull to take your shoulders off of the ground by posting on your head almost as if you're doing the bump and roll escape from the mount. Bridge up on your neck to take your shoulders off the ground, and rather than stack you, he'll simply push the two of you backwards, giving you time to secure the position.

    Finally, in the position you're caught in that photo, you're not completely done yet, as you can manage to roll backwards to a turtle, but Im sure that you've noticed that your own arm blocks you. Swim your left arm inside his right arm from underneath and this will allow you to complete your roll as your arm will no longer be holding you back from this technique.

    Eh, I tried- its hard explaining **** online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    Now you can simply 'walk' your shoulders backwards. That will pull him forwards and offbalance. Stack is nullified. Do this as many times as neccessary.
    Everything Yrkoon said was right on. The one thing to try as well if they have a double underleg pass even with their hands clapsed around your legs is to not only walk your shoulders back but also pump your legs like crazy like you're pedaling a bike. This really breaks their balance and when you combine this motion with your shoulder walking backwards it can stop a lot of guys at the last minute who think they have the underleg pass under control.

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    me personally, I try and take their base away, if they are low I just TRY and pull gaurd again by hip escaping out and there ya go (well for me), if they have a high base, I like to get underhooks under the leg closest to me, then swivel around for a leg lock, but thats just me.

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    I like to call this "the Zerg Lurker":

    As others have said, straighten your legs and back out so your legs are heavy. Control his wrists and pull on them hard.

    Place your feet on his shoulders, and using his shoulders to support you, bridge as high as you can. If you are lucky, his forehead won't impact your crotch with the force of Thor's hammer. Run your feet down his back like some creepy arachnid (still bridged) and suddenly flip to your stomach. You have his back. Live for the Swarm!

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    Some points that have already been said that need repeating:
    1) Never have your back stuck on the mat.
    2) When the guy tries to stack, defend against his hands reaching around to grab your lapel. Block the hand like crazy and move backwards.

    I'll add a few things to what's already been said.
    There's a few things you should do when someone tries to lift your leg to stack you:
    1) If he has his left knee up and tries to lift my right leg, my right hook goes under his left knee.
    2) If I can't hook his knee, I do "heavy-legs". So my body goes stiff and my opponent is trying to lift my whole body by mifting my leg. My left foot goes in his right hip and pushes him away. This should allow me to pull my right knee back to my chest and free it from his grip.
    3) If he gets me stacked, when he starts to come around to my right, my right hand blocks his left hip, my left hand blocks against his left armpit, both arms locked straight. I allow my right leg to pass off his head, escape my hips out to the left and put my opponent back in guard with my right leg.

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    To continue talking about that double-underhook guard pass, I have a clip from Mike Swain's Judo Complete that has a nifty armlock technique that can be used against someone in the early stages of that guard pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fanatical
    ****. Everything has been said. Guess all I can do is be Hannibal and say the exact same things.. Or be a classical bullshidomember and mock your attempt at getting out of something that's 99% finished allready.

    hmmm.. what to do..

    Um... bite, eye rake, ki blast! unbeatable combo! 1500 points! fatality!

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