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    Quote Originally Posted by sci-mdk
    Simply the cameraman says something in the very beginning (ends with "A").

    Nothing happens.

    He says "Via!", the Italian for "Go!".

    Two guys supposed to be Ninja flip in from the darkness and enter (?) in the building.

    Then the cameraman says "stop".

    :ninjafigh Damn Ninja wannabes...

    Each one of The climbing pictures features a Ninja hanging down from a water pipe (therefore inside house, wtf are you doing there?).

    I think almost all videos and pictures have been done the same day in the same place.

    These ones are hilarious: http://www.kuroiryuitaly.altervista....INI/ground.jpg


    Toy barbered wire, toy knives, toy masks and the deadly ninja watch!

    The second video: http://www.kuroiryuitaly.altervista..../blitz%202.MPG slashing and piercing cardboard just like Ashida teaches, but with an Italian flavour (Shame!!!)!

    The third video http://www.kuroiryuitaly.altervista....EO/shiwari.MPG lasts only 6 seconds. The cameraman says "Vai!" ("Go!") and a guy supposed to be a Ninja breaks a board with a stomp. It would be way funnier if he broke it with a headbutt.


    I would love to show them The Way of the Kneebar.
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