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I think the funniest thing about all these "ninjas" is they train like they are getting ready for a civil war in Japan 1,000 years ago, and still think they are bad ass.

Guess what guys; combat methods have changed. People use guns and tasers and other things now.

It would be akin to someone thinking that fighting revolutionary war style was really super deadly and forming a training school on that. Can you picture that? Bayonette training, the old school uniforms, fighting in straight lines.

It's no more absurd that what these idots are doing, yet no one is do that.... yet.
It's worse than that. They're not even training like there's war on the horrizon. They're training like there will be a sneaking and costume contest next week. It's pathetic. We can already tell their "training" clips are all complete bullshit and the "soke" couldn't fight his way out of a paper nutsac. I've seen whitebelts that could take his ass.