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    Slashdot, brilliant geek news site, has this post about DAP's:

    Hope it helps

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    This MP3 player is PERFECT for BJJ students

    Qoolqee i

    Warning, the following is not suitable for young children. It is one thing to concoct an iPod killer through unique styling, but somehow this one may have gone too far. For those who haven't figured it out, yes Virginia, it is shaped like an erect penis right down to curve. Ahhh, I can see the commercials now with a beautiful young girl holding the unit firmly in her hands as she changes tracks by rubbing, ok, you get the point.

    Otherwise it is an average flash player with MP3, WMA, and OGG support, a monochrome screen, and runs 20 hours on one AAA battery. The unit also has an FM tuner and other stuff, which at the moment I can't seem to...recall...hmmm.

    Mothers, if your daughters ask for one of these make sure you give them the talk first.

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