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    Quote Originally Posted by geves
    sadly i don't know or care who that is.

    i'm hitting a tack on the head. you gotta admit. BJjers love their style too much,

    it's the best: cuz we grapple...and we grapple. and we still are grappling.
    when is this old **** going to die!? what a poster child. last i checked green tea wasn't famous in brazil. die already.

    you can be the oldest living nutsack who still lives on the ground. how fun he moved a quarter an inch. = best of all time. a moment of silence just in case. DIE already!!

    how can a style be so famous? wow i get it. it's cause when they first started no one had a concept of ground fighting except ken shamrock... (wow he's famous too!?) what a good media. because it seems they have special rules now to suck out loud. i mean everyone caught up with them. why else would you want a huge paycheck and special rules?
    oh wait that's right....they're dick heads. no striking... maybe one day if they live longer than their old man (god i hope not). they can make a movie and still be pretty.

    EDIT: way to go kenpo: did you think of that by yourself? cuz it's so original.

    i'm still not sure if your being serious. like was said in another thread: the sarcassam meter is broken and i can see why.

    so i'm sorry if what you said was a gift of knowledge.

    on the other hand. maybe plain dicks on this website. that;ll never win over cuz you make up (86%) should stay out of posts. there should be a BJj section just for you. since more than half of the asshole on this website are from that style anyway.

    i got nothing agianst people who post on here. that know what they're talking about. (99%). but i got lots agianst people who talk **** about a style just because it's shared in their views (60% roughly). i'm not enacting a war of words that i'd surely lose. but i am enacting a war agianst assholes (that i'll surely lose).

    not because i'll piss people off. cuz they deserve it.

    and no i'm not "the strangler" (whatever that is....ill assume it was an asshole who didn't please you. and just made contraversial opinions sp?) wow what a dick. i'm sure he should've been banned.

    but please take my comments with some heart. cuz your egos need it. (not said to most people on bullshido). and i'm not trying to start ****. the people who don't add to it. don't need to. the people with heart and knowledge of their art. won't feel the need to get in a penis contest. with others. they know it's the experience. that makes the MAist. not the ego. god if you hate me that much. learn your art. they weren't invented to pound someones face. they were invented to protect someone who's trying to pound your face.

    take that as you will. an insult. or a message. but bullshido (for the most part) is giving the exact opposite reasons. why martial arts were inventited. MAs were given to humans so we could bash the **** out everyone who opposes us.
    not EVERY human

    So leave and Shut The **** Up you impudent little ****. You asked for an opinion, I gave you mine, and it wasn't meant to be sarcastic, and **** you for taking it that way.

    Saving Kenpo souls one at a time!

    Put down your purse!

    Speed is fine, but accuracy is final. Wyatt Earp, 1888

    "For certain 'tis a shameful spite, and dreadful to the heart,
    For an Irishman to see a fight, and not be taking part."

    --"How McPherson Held the Floor"

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    Boy that was fucked up man...

    I don't think I've ever seen Clyde post without wishing the previous poster a "great Kenpo day"

    Fighting evil and upholding justice in blue silk pajamas baby!

    Bah!!! Puny Humans.

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    Are you actually trolling your own thread?
    I mean, you're not even giving any chance for any other people to start trolling your stupid posts so far and telling you to STFU.
    I mean, making a thread and then hogging all the trolling is just not a good net-etiquette, man.

    And plus...your troll-fu is weak.

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    He thinks we're all MMA nutriders...

    even though half our mods have Kung Fu as their primary style. Half our members take TKD or some CMA. And many many people take WC on this board...

    On this board we're all for anything that works. It's not a style argument, it's which one has consistantly better quality of schools/training. I mean surely no one think a Tae Bo master can beat even an amateur kickboxer? It's not because kickboxing is superior in many ways. It's because he trains with aliveness and intensity.

    I hate saying this everyday but its true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geves
    i hate bruce lee
    And he hates you.

    Why do you hate Bruce? Just curious.....he is after all one of the people who helped popularize eastern martial arts in the west.
    Last edited by The Limey; 11/07/2005 10:01pm at .

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    Maybe he popularized it, but the Gracies invented MMA by bringing the UFC to America from Brazil.

    BJJ wins again!
    combat sports hobbyist

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    Hey geves what is with the dumb ass hostility?

    If you don't know what you are talking about why don't you listen to the people you asked a question too?

    Stop sucking.

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    Why do JKD if you hate Bruce Lee? How come you don't know anything about Wing Chun if you do JKD?

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    locu5 : If you're not careful, you'll cause his asshole to invert itself creating a vacuum which if we are lucky, engulfs his computer and prevents further posting.

    BJJ wins again!
    More human than human is our motto.

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