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    I see what you're saying. It's much easier to lose weight if you aren't worried about losing muscle. All you have to do is starve yourself half to death. I mean, anorexics don't eat 5 meals a day or mix in HIIT and they seem to lose weight just fine. I've thought about doing that myself -- going on a really skimpy diet and just not eating at all. The problem is that when you start eating again you have to make sure you learn to eat properly and exercise properly anyway so you might as well start building good habits right off the bat. Fasting could give you a good head start, I guess. It's just not a healthy lifestyle you can maintain over a long period of time. Eventually, you have to switch to a more healthy routine. It can work for a while though.

    You are right in saying diet is the most important thing. Without that, nothing else seems to help much.
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