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I know a couple of Black belt who have done courses like these one is was in kenpo the other in a jkd form, worked for them in a way they did learn a lot, one actually went to a kenpo tournament and did the Kata he learned just to see what other thought, they said he did good and were surprised he study from a video. I think thought if he would not of held a black belt rank he would not of done as well.
I study Akia jujitsu for a while and the instructor had tape he made for paladin press or one of those i used them with the training, for example when we go over the stuff for green belt stuff i would take the tapes home and watch them closely, watching the footwork as well as the whole techniques, worked awesome for me. got ton of praise from instructor. but there again i hold a black belt to.
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Not trying to derail the thread, but your friends studied JKD and Kempo. Were they by any chance taking part in Carter Hargrave's 'distance learning' videos? See link in my signature.

Also - you list some big names in your 'off and on' training. Seminars perhaps?


In all, only Steve's posts are worthy of MABS posts.