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    Sauna Therapy

    I have read a few different articles on the benefits of a good sauna for detoxifying, cleaning out your pores etc. I was just wondering if anbody had any advice or opinions they would care to share. I am going to begion to detoxify a bit in November and would like to hit the sauna a few times a week.
    Any thoughts or informed opinions would be appreciated.

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    First of all, DO NOT LIE DOWN IN A SAUNA. When you lie down, if I remember correctly, more blood collects in your head than usual, and when you suddenly rise up, the rush of blood out of your head can cause dizziness or even unconsciousness. You're recommended to remain in an upright position at all times.

    Secondly, what are you trying to detoxify? Does this substance reside in the skin or the blood or the organs? Will it travel through blood vessels and layers of skin and erupt on the surface to be wiped away? Are you sure another method, such as fasting or limited diets, wouldn't better address this? Don't forget that your kidneys and liver are "detoxifying" organs, and simply drinking more water and urinating more could be considered detoxing. There's some speculation about fasts allowing for the toxins stored in your liver to become released, but one wonders about the worth of dislodging a toxin that was dormant there in the first place and allowing it back in your system.

    Thirdly, have you asked your doctor about such practices?

    Fourth, saunas shouldn't be used for more than 15 minutes at a time, or they can elevate your body temperature to an excessive degree. High body temp is bad. It can damage organs and kill you if prolonged enough (see part 1 about passing out in sauna without anyone to revive you).

    Fifth, saunas are great for opening up pores, and following up a sauna session with a shower and good cleanser will do wonders for dry skin or acne problems.

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    Sidenote: I find it sad that on the Ultimate Fighter they have a dude sit in a sauna for like 5 hours and then bitch at him when he passes out. Not to mention he was probably overtrained like a ************ from doing all the other **** they had him doing. Weight cutting is such a stupid problem in sports, they need to inform the public about the health risks associated (which, if I remember, can lead to death) instead of encouraging it.

    Otherwise, I enjoy a good 10 minute sauna after my workouts. I usually sit in the hot tub for a good 5 mins (if you stretch underwater it feels great) and then head right to the sauna for 10 minutes, or until I feel too hot. It's a great way to end a workout.
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