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    Quote Originally Posted by Zendetta
    And, while listening to the RADIO, did you not stop to think about how you should doubt the 'liberal media'?
    From the point he was making it's more likely he was listening to Chubby McOxycontin than the "liberal media".
    If you want to make the point that the media is lefty, here it is:

    The mainstream media is like the democrats. Both are weak-willed and compromising, more interrested in maintaining the status quo than trying to shake anyting up, even if that policy ensures their eventual subjugation and demise.
    That or Rush Limbaugh is fat. Hurhur!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmagoat
    Even prisoners have legal and human rights.
    yes they do, but the right to free cable, and bieng mollycoddled is not one of them.

    beatings and bieng subjected to dr. quinn medicine woman is clearly abuse and torture.

    What we can't insult them now, I guess we should bow to them and call them yes master may I please put you in your cell?

    and ask permission before we do.

    As for the other comment, No doubt Radio is more bias towards the conservative viewpoint, but in this particular comparison, they do make a valid point.

    Just like when they went too far with abu ghaib, that was clearly abuse, and that is my point.

    I don't know what program it was, I was stuck in traffic in a cab when it was on.
    They should be reporting abuse, not manufacturing it.

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