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    I agree with 9chambers. Speed and accuracy drills work best with a partner and small target, but putting Xs on the bag will work if you have to train alone. Just make sure that you're moving, circling the bag, and hitting the Xs from different angles using a variety of explosive strikes and combinations. Don't just stand their and hit the X at your leisure as hard as you can. Your opponent isn't going to stay stationary so you need to practice moving around and quickly recognizing openings (the Xs) and accurately striking the opening before your opponent moves or covers.

    As for as telegraphing...
    Try to keep your strikes near/within the frame of your body. If you throw a kick or punch from way outside your own body frame you lose speed/power and show the strike in your opponent's peripheral, making it easier to block.
    Also be conscious of your footwork/stances. A lot of people telegraph what they're going to do way before they start their strike. (For example, someone who wants to throw a back kick edging in with his/her stance slightly turned) Practice in front of a mirror and make sure you're staying in a strong fighting stance and not letting a "cheater stance" or foot positioning give away your next technique.

    Vary your strikes/combos when you spar. You might not even be telegraphing, just predictable. If you spar the same people over and over again, you get to know what combos they like and can anticipate. Mix it up so that your sparring partner can't "predict your next move." lol.

    Good luck <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

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    Weight Training
    what's with all the intelligence in this thread?


    lol Fighty

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    nothing to really practice WITH except for a 75-pound heavybag,... I manage to get in about two hours a day on the bag, but I feel like it's not helping me.
    Invest in a heavier bag, a 75 lb bag is for wimps.
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    Do people here recommend using handwraps when doing bag training, or would you recommend going real slow until you get the structure down perfectly without the wraps. Or do the wraps actually help you get the structure down themselves...

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