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    Two things-Lum Gwai-"Forest Ghosts", Lin Kuai in Manderin, were well known throughout Chinese History, but then again just like Ninjas, anyone who did their covert ops in the night were considered Ninja, or Lum-Gwai by commoners. Leung Ting, through his books , unfortunately has the ability to make anything he touches turn instantly to bullshido.
    There was and still is a "Beggar's Society, or clan" many village styles such as Village Hung Kuen, and some Hakka systems are associated with them. So don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Now, according to Maasaki Hatsumi, Ninja were descended from the Yamabushi-Mountain Warrior Monks...who came to Japan from China (what a surprise)to avoid persecution, and hid out in the mountains of Iga prefecture.
    Ninja were NEVER Samurai-they were from a different caste order, and had an entirely different code of ethics.

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    There was no LIN KUEI. It was made up by a white author using a asian pen name. (Li Hsing was a psuedonym) You will find no reference of LIN KUEI in china that isn't related to Mortal Kombat.

    What Tueng was writing about in his books was a mish mash of differnt chinese gyspy like groups.

    Hatsumi or any other Japanese MA scholar has NEVER said the Yamabushi came from or were descended form anything Chinese. Yamabushi were simply practioners of an esoteric form of Buddhism that does not exist in China.
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    well I will say that this thread made me inhale smoke from a nice RFG coronas extra...

    what a rich vein.

    tell me that scene in shogun where all the ninja attack didn't get you shelling out 2.50 for a set of aluminum claws from the back of some rag magazine, lol...

    a few weeks ago in jamdung they were running those first ninja flicks with sho kosugi. fucking classics. now that got me wondering who the bra burner was in that flick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenTigers
    Ninja were NEVER Samurai-they were from a different caste order, and had an entirely different code of ethics.
    I have a Samurai book that claims that Samurai would dress in the black PJ's when doing dirty tricks and such which was outside their caste roles. Also, you where isolated by neighborhood so to travel at night to other hoods the Black Pj's came out. Makes sence to me...

    But I agree the "true" Ninja would be a different caste, atleast thats what it says in my AD&D Asian Adventures book. :XXsunsmil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omar
    There's a really cool one in "The Emperor And The Assasin". It's got Gong Li in there too...:)

    That's some quirky Chinese ninja...

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    According to these websites the Lin Kuei/Chinese ninjas existed but going on what both of these sites say it was a renegade Buddhist sect that just like the Triad that wanted to regain control of China from the current dynasty that was ruling China. I'm not a Chinese historian or a Kung Fu stylist so I'm just going on what I found out about them.

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    Both of those websites are complete bullshit. They site no primary sources.

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