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    I have two pair... we use these exlcusively when training MMA and getting ready for fights... not one injury with them yet. And we go hard.... my "50%" is like a rabid wolverine to most people

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Lau
    I have two pair... we use these exlcusively when training MMA and getting ready for fights... not one injury with them yet. And we go hard.... my "50%" is like a rabid wolverine to most people
    After watching your highlight vid, I can believe it bro. :lol: You guys have sold me on these, just waiting to find out if phrost can wholesale them, as I'm not necessarily in a huge hurry to pick them up.

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    thats strange, I bought the same glove from combatsports and it looks a little bit differant.

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    Friday (november 11th) I tested the gloves out . I was hesitant but it went very well.
    The gloves worked for me in stand up and on the ground . I grappled hard in them and found them much easier to deal with than expected . They didnt hurt or help my game on the ground much .

    During stand up I found it alot easier to stay relaxed as the punch is thrown then tighten up as or right before impact happened , it is hard for me to do this in boxing gloves . The double wrist strap must have done its job becouse I didnt notice it working or not . The gloves felt natural and held up great . No scratches on the leather but a few new creases . After laying into the body and punching his guard for a bit the gloves actually became more comfortable (even after all the bag work I had done on with them on ) . I landed a jab straight into the chin early on in the match. It felt perfect ... no wierd "rolling sensation" or a sense of "squishyness" I get from boxing gloves . It rocked him more than I expected so I toned it down a tad bit .

    again another 2 thumbs up for these gloves .
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    to me they look just like shooto gloves.

    is there anyone out there who has trained with them that has also used shooto gloves? i would like to know the differences (if any)

    i buy the shooto gloves wholesale for my school, but we also have an account with CS so both gloves are about the same price.
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