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The Martialist: The Magazine For Those Who Fight Unfairly
I've launched a new e-zine project. I cannot pay for submitted articles, but you will get the publishing credit and exposure for your work. I think the theme of the magazine will appeal to fans of close combat, reality fighting systems, and related topics, too.

Contact me if you'd like to buy banner advertising or submit an article. Article authors get a discount on banner ad costs.

Any input on article topics you would like to see in upcoming issues is also most welcome.

(Moderator, I'm hoping this does not come across as spam, as I'm giving forumites a chance to have their writing on the martial arts and combat published in the 'zine. If this is in poor taste, please delete.)
- Phil Elmore Dot Com, Home of the Blades of Death Dojo

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The Martialist is now accepting article submissions
and banner ads for its premier issue.

Banner Ad Prices: $50.00 per issue
$250.00 for a half year
$500.00 for a full year
Banner Creation Combo: I can create a banner for you for an additional $30.00.

All prices are US Dollars.

Article Submissions Contact Phil Elmore to submit an article.

Articles submitted to The Martialist will earn the author $20.00 per issue off the cost of banner ads, up to 1/2 off total.

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