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Ha! I almost asked if you had previous acrobatic experience, but I didn't want to insinuate that you were lying about your wallspin.
I completely agree with your assessment of gymnastics, and of parkour. I have yet to experience a sport-like activity that is so fun and natural. Take the tylenol, stretch lots, have fun.
haha, it's cool man; I wouldn't have taken it the wrong way. Really I didn't expect to learn that particular move for a while. it's got me curious about the "palm spin" now though :)

I went last night and it was a blast. It was mostly the experienced guys doing advanced free-running stuff and dropping people info cards on the group. It was pretty cool seeing all the crazy **** they could do off vaults and ledges.

I got to practice some real application. Mainly the Kong Vault, and Catch-Vault. I also learned the Double-Kong... which I was more than a little nervous about trying, but when I did it felt pretty natural. After seeing them do the "flag" I had to try it, and I was surprised i could do it for a couple seconds. Learned some other cool stuff too, and I got to play with some of the stuff I've always been good at but haven't done in forever like handsprings and dive rolls.