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    When you think about countering a move, think about the essential steps your opponent needs to succesfully pull off the move. This sweep requires the guy on top to be fairly close, with his center of gravity close to or past the guy on bottom's center of gravity. Bottom guy also needs to be able to get his hips off the ground, in particular, the one opposite the arm he should be trapping ( that's the part not mentioned in the first post). Therefore to nullify this sweep, get low and away from the guy on bottom. IOW move your center of gravity so he cannot manipulate it. You can also pin his hips with your hands. One note, when getting low and away you need to prevent being vulnerable to triangles etc. by pinning a knee, hip or ankle, so that even if he gets one leg into attack position, he can't get the other one out from underneath you.

    Relytjj, FYI your defense, if I'm understanding it correctly, leaves you in danger of being swept another way.
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    "Some people call this hip heist because that's what Renzo called it in his book "Mastering ju-jitsu" "

    Yes, this is exactly the technique I'm talking about and is why I referred to it as the hip heist.
    I didn't know it had other names

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    I can understand it being called a kimura sweep, seeing as you scoot out to the same position. I've also heard hip bump and hip heist.
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