Thanks for all the support guys. This is not something new. I was actually training while I had the hernias and everything. I am a teamguy so conditioning is not an issue. I run six and a half miles every day. I have been training with a broken rib and a hernia for a while too. Actually, the hernia I had for over a year now and just recently I was making the people at the academy tap a little too soon and the instructor said, "it looks like you have too much energy tonight, why don't you roll with me next round?" I ended up with a broken rib. It wasn't really the instructor's fault, accidents happen. That same night I got another hernia because I kept rolling. But this second hernia burns like a bitch. I have to get this taken care of. The docs said that if I tear it again, they have to remove muscle and that will be the end of that. I can not train jiu-jitsu again. If it was just a small hernia, it would be fine but this thing is three to four times the size of a normal hernia. THis sucks bigtime. I am so spoiled with jiu-jitsu. To me, jiu-jitsu makes everything else pale by comparison. I have done many other martial arts but I love my jiu-jitsu. I have to go back into some other WEAKER TMA or something. Maybe I'll go back to Kung Fu. TMA you can practice without hurting yourself. But I know it won't be the same. It will be at least March before I can do anything. My surgery is scheduled for december and they will be opening me up stem to stern. no laporoscopy here. open incision. so at least 10-12 weeks before real activity. In the meantime...standby for more BS!!

Thanks again guys, I appreciate the support!