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    OK, stop sucking now. It was cute once but it's getting old. Trust me, your peers and family agree, they are just nicer then me.

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    Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    That's a lot of really good advice.

    I too have heard that only ninjas can kill ninjas. That is unless you can perform the frog leap into a double split-kick technique, or shoot them. The former is supposedly easier.

    I'm gonna give him a call tomorrow and see what he says. I swear if he bitches out this time, that'll be three strikes. Then I'm gonna call his bullshit, if he doesn't protect his honor then, i don't know what to do? Should i just kick him anyway? Or is a curbstomping in order?

    Either way, next monday, I'm gonna get lots of pictures of said ninja (that's when I see him in class) and i'll devote a shrine to the mysterious ninja. Now that I think about it, he's playing the mysterious hard to catch ninja part very well, even if he's doing it on accident, it seems to be working really well for the bastard.

    Oh well, lots of throwdown beat up videos coming up in a few days so watch out G's!

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