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    JKD Guy gets beat down in street fight

    Hi all,

    I saw Ryu's thread about the MMA guy and saw somebody asking if anybody ever's heard about a JKD getting beat up on the street. Well, one of my roommates trained JKD and got it handed to him pretty badly. I know I posted this when it happenned last year, but I'll do it again for the sake of sharing.

    This is going all off of what my roommate told me. I was in bed at 2am on Saturday night when I heard him screaming and slamming the door to our apartment. I went out to yell at him for waking me up, but his face looked like Sleth's from Goonies, so I asked what happenned.

    Turns out he was in a Store24 buying cigarettes and got into a verbal confrontation with they guy. (IMO, my roomy talks a bit too much tish and needed to get beat down anyway. He never grew out of our high school days) Anyway, he goes outside and the kid and his 2 friends are there waiting for him. More arguing pursues when the kid bull rushed my roommate. In a bad decision, he let himself get bowled over into the guard position. He says one of his buddies then came around and started stomping on his head. From there, they proceded to beat his arse.

    That's about all there is to it. This is all coming from his mouth and I wouldn't be surprised if it was just one guy and he was trying to save face. He's been known to lie to make himself look better. It can happen to anybody of any style. Just train hard and train because you enjoy what you do.



    I also got beat down training jkd. I think one prob is that people try to fight like bruce lee or are so "formless" that they have no structure to grow from.

    In my fight I did a skipping front kick to the guys knee. It was supposed to drop any attacker...and it didn't

    I went for groin shots, he moved to the side.

    we hit each other in the forehead...fell over onto the ground. I punched the side of his butt. We got back up. I did that judo roll where you grab and roll backwards.....ken and ryu like in street fighter. I failed to get the mount and we were in the north south position....luckilly he didn't knee me in the head...we traded a few more hits...swore at each other and went home.

    he was about 25 lbs bigger so its good that we tied I guess. But it was pathetic on both fronts. It didn't have the depth that I later got in kung fu.

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    It's all in the training.....On average JKD doesn't have a set curriculum, so obviously the guy wasn't prepared from his....There are some things that are normally taught to most JKD people...but

    I don't know if you would consider my training JKD or MMA...or both, I do a **** load of Eric Paulson, Paul Vunak & Inosanto stuff...I've just also mixed it up with other arts. But, the training I do covers all ranges of combat, all of them & worked regularly...trapping, striking, kicking, ground, weapons....the average person on the street & many that just study one or two arts are in trouble..

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    Well, it seems to me that in the second post there might have made some mistakes that most MMA guys would try to avoid. I've lost my fair share of NHB bouts to know that mistakes make you better so I'm not really coming down on the person with the second anecdote. 1) The skipping front kick was supposed to take the guy down. -- Fighting isn't magic. Never assume that any technique you use with be automatically successful. Be ready to go again. 2) I went for groin shots, he moved to the side. -- Very good. What did you do then since you had him on the move? 3) I did that judo roll backwards. I'm assuming you mean the haybail takedown. -- In judo these are called sacrafice throws. You know now why. Tested throws that I use (by no means are these the best) high-crotch, double leg, single leg, low-leg single, suplex, suplato, osoto gori, uchi mata, ouchi gori, and shang hi. 3) We landed in north/south position, luckily he didn't knee me in the head. -- I generally assume the guy on top in the n/s position is much superior as there are /lots/ of nasty things to be done from there. I guarantee with a few months of good mma stuff you'll not only point out what you did wrong, but also point out falacies in what I suggested.

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    >In my fight I did a skipping front kick to the guys knee. It was supposed to drop any attacker...and it didn't

    I echo Xantdotes. That is a problem and a big Martial Myth. No technique is 100% against everyone.

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