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Thread: TUF episode 2

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    TUF episode 2

    Wow, I gave this fight to Melvin before it started, but now at the end of the second round..... holy surprising crackers batman!

    -show ended.

    Now that's what I like to see, a fucking fight!

    That makes up pretty well for that horrible first episode.

    Got to say the quiet one surprised me, guess I let Melvin's mouth and record get the better of my judgement.

    Regardless both guys fought great, the wrestling in that first round was great, good slam there and on into the 2nd round even.

    I am pleased.
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    Never rely on the man who talks himself up constantly. He was only talking himself up so much because he was scared.

    Anyways, can anyone say props to Luke? Man I can't believe he got picked last. I like him and I hope he does good in his fights. Also for the previews for the next episode Josh comes in with a sling on his arm?

    I am guessing he hurt his shoulder or elbow. What the **** is going on?
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    I too thought Melvin had it, but man he was pwnd!!!

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    Ultimate Fighter Ep 2

    I was wondering how the fight would go since Melvin talked so much. I figured he'd fizzle. There is alot of talent in him he might be as good as he thinks in a year or so if he learns from this. At least he didn't cry. Josh looked in trouble from the guillotine several times but he really pulled it out. Great slams.

    I want to see Luke fight. He's definitly a team player. He's also so crazy he might do some totally off the wall stuff in the ring; keep it really interesting.

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    Why are they all wearing the same neckless? The rope and washer one?

    I'm getting sick of the Right Guard advertisements IN the show, save it for the commercials.

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    Not to be paranoid, but I honestly suspect the necklaces have microphones in them, to make it easier for the film crew to pick up dialogue. I'm not suggesting it's hidden from the fighters, of course they know, and I bet some of them are being really careful about everything they say all day long.

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    That was funny **** when Melvin came into Dana's office and pretended to quit... He even had me going for a second.
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    That would have been killer...all I saw was the fight.
    I thought melvin made back a lot of ground with strikes in the third round, but damn he was giving up his back a lot when they were on the ground...I was expecting a choke at any time at several points...

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    Pretty entertaining fight in general. Melvin looked really pumped and angry going into the ring, but the second he was there, he just kinda waited and circled. With his attitude I thought I'd see some great aggression.

    Josh simply seemed to dominate the clinch and Melvin seemed to only go for guillotines when on his back. It seemed like Melvin was far less comfortable on the ground and josh did a good job of putting him there. Almost every time Josh got the mount, melvin would turn over. I'm quite shocked I didn't see a choke ending that thing.

    I'm sure a bunch of other guys caught it too, but when Melvin punched Josh's elbow I was thinking how lucky he got out not hurting himself, but it turns out he did. I don't know if it was luck or planning on Josh's part to catch his hand there, but to me it looked like he was trying to catch the punch with his elbow point and take some oomph out of those punches.

    I didn't catch the first episode and I am interested to see Luke. He is from the next town over and trains at a place about half an hour away that I've passed a few times (a Serra gym) when in the area.

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    I was pretty sure Melvin would get his ass kicked. There's a big difference between psyching out your opponent and simply talking ****. He was always talking ****, which is usually a sign that the person sucks.

    Melvin was extremely athletic, but he sucks as a fighter. Almost no skill at all, with the exception of some very basic striking skills.

    Josh is obviously a very good wrestler, but he really needs to work on his subs and strikes. He sucks at both. He should have tapped Melvin in the first round.

    I hope that fight wasn't any indication of the level of talent we're going to see this season.

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