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    Just got back home, got drug out to a raunchy strip club in north KC by my brother. BTW, I realized I don't have your number KaH. Sorry about that, though I'm not sure your wife would have wanted to go watch scrawny meth-head bitches dance around with looks of pure apathy on their faces.

    Yeah, Scrapper did pretty damn well all things considered. The other guy had a hell of a time getting any kind of superior position after he opened up that cut. You did a good job keeping him at bay especially with your face leaking all over the mat.

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    My wife happens to like scrawny meth head strippers. It's her thing.

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    Good job dude, you have a good attitude.

    My nose used to bleed quite easily, it got broken and bent a bit, it's actually more resiliant now...

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    Wow, you get my respect for just getting in there and doing it to it, It sucks you got your nose broke early, but **** like that happens, at least you know where your skill level was at, and weren't totally in over your head
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    Props for stepping up. More props for going back in after the initial nose break. Better luck next time.

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    Scrapper, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I'd just like to echo what Repulsive Monkey and garbanzobean said. All of my losses (strictly in Bjj tournaments, I'm not a real man or anything) made me a better competitor. Props for having the courage to get into the ring.
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    Thanx guys, I've been reviewing the tape, and I feel good about some of the things I did. As I sit here this morning with a pulled muscle and broken nose, I figure it was a first showing and I shouldn't get too worked up about the mistakes. Just gotta have them fixed for next time!
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    Sweet!!! It does feel better to win. That said, you learned a lot from this fight against a larger more experienced opponent.

    For my pro debut I fought Randy Velarde in KOTC at 165. I was 162 soaking wet, and he came down from 180. and Randy was ranked #3 as a lightweight. Sherdog shows I was TKOed in 31 seconds. I thought it was 41, but whatever. It was a good thing he only hit me in the head...I could have been hurt.

    I definately agree with your renewed committment to fighting in your own weightclass!Happy healing and get back in there as soon as you can. Respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper
    Sadly, folks, I lost tonight. Adrenaline Extremem Combat at the Beaumont in KC.

    The nerves got to me. I hate to admit it, but the tunnel vision took over and I lost sight of what I needed to do. Add a little bad luck, and my night was over.

    It starts with me giving up what turned out to be about 20 llbs. I came in at 180, and my opponent came n somewhere in the vicininty of 200. But it was either fight this guy or not at all. This was also this guy's 4th fight, so I gave up experience as well. I still thought my chances were good though. But as you will see when Phrost posts the video, I fought like a chump and got my nose broken (badly....4 staples) about 20 seconds into the first round. I actually convinced them to let me keep going with blood spraying out my nose, though.

    We reset and I came out smarter and more cautious. I landed a jab/leg kick combo that bought me some respect, but he came charging in with a sloppy shot for the take down. His hands hit my face again and the blood REALLY sprayed. He takes me down and tries for my back. I roll him and he sprawls out, gets mount becuse I am sitting there like a moron drinking my own blood. I chuck him off me and he goes for a keylock, I break that and he tries for punches again.

    This is the part I feal really bad about. The ref is a good ref, and knows the business. My opponent gets a hand on my face and teh blood sprays all over the ring in truly graphic fashion.

    Ref stoppage at about 2 minutes of round one. I wasn't taking too many hits, and I was defending myself actively and competently (if not brilliantly). My dillemma is this. I wan't hurt too bad, I had plenty of gas, and my opponet was throwing sloppy haymakers and gassing hard. If I had a few more minutes, I could have done this!!!! ARRRGH!!!! But it was probably a good stop. My nose is VERY broken, and only now do I realize how it must have looked to the ref. I pulled my left trapezius pretty hard too.

    Things to differently next time:

    Fight in my weight class
    Control the nerves
    PROTECT THE NOSE! (I am a bleeder)
    STFU and train more (after I heal. )
    Do not take fights on < 1 week notice.

    I feel like a chump. I wanted My first outing to go better. Sorry guys.

    Dude, win or lose you reresented and endued a nasty war wound.

    What will the children say??? ;)

    Good job -- no one wins em all. You lost a match, but you won by learning something, eh? And yer gutsier han I am, that's fer sure.


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    hey man, props for getting in there.

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